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For entrepreneurs with the right strategy, this is an exciting year to launch a new business with high growth potential. Our panel of experts will show you innovative ways of finding funding including crowd funding, private investment, Internet-based campaigns, and traditional venture capital. The social web is drastically changing the way young companies get noticed, monetized, and begin to grow, and we'll show you how to participate.
This webinar is custom-built for businesses innovators seeking funding outside of traditional sources and tech entrepreneurs looking to turn a product into a business. Our expert panelists will discuss these issues as well as take your questions in a one hour audio conference and Twitter chat. Discover:
   •    Online groups that build and support communities of entrepreneurs
   •    Mentors to help bring products to market
   •    Classic challenges that impede growth
   •    How social media networks can reduce financial needs for start-ups
   •    How to show strong customer traction in the clutter of new companies
   •    Your questions

A slow economic recovery makes for a risky environment for startups and small businesses - the JOBS Act is designed to change that. How can you take advantage of it?

The recently passed, JOBS Act is intended to ease regulations and make funding more available to startups. Join us as we explain this recent legislation in the context of this economic environment, and what it means for your emerging small business. Startups have never before had so many diverse paths to funding, but each one comes with its own challenges and risks. Meanwhile, the social web and new global connectivity of businesses and consumers creates both new funding opportunities and new concerns for businesses relying on investors.

We'll touch on the biggest challenges facing startups today:

  • Access to affordable credit – the goal posts have been raised higher and made narrower.
  • The “net worth” hits that make angels feel less “angelic”.
  • The shrinking number of VC firms overall and their concentration on bigger deals in fewer industries
  • The volatility and unpredictability of capital markets.

About the Panel


Andrew J. Sherman

Andrew J. Sherman is a Partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Jones Day, with over 2,700 attorneys worldwide. Mr. Sherman is a recognized international authority on the legal and strategic issues affecting small and growing companies. Mr. Sherman is an Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program at the University of Maryland and Georgetown University where he has taught courses on business growth, capital formation and entrepreneurship for over twenty-three (23) years and won numerous teaching awards at both schools. Mr. Sherman is the author of twenty-six (26) books on the legal and strategic aspects of business growth and capital formation. His twenty-third (23rd) book, Harvesting Intangible Assets, Uncover Hidden Revenue in Your Company’s Intellectual Property, (AMACOM) was published in October of 2011. His twenty-fourth (24th) book, Raising Capital, 3rd edition was published in the Spring of 2012, his twenty-fifth (25th) book, Essays on Governance published in late Spring of 2012 and his twenty-sixth (26th) book, Diamonds in the Rough, co- authored with Elizabeth Vazquez, is due to be published in late Fall of 2012. Mr. Sherman can be reached at 202-879-3686 or e-mail