board portal

Whether you’re the CEO, board chair, or a board administrator, fall is a great opportunity to take a moment for you to evaluate your board’s practices and find the tools that can help you do better. Communication remains one of the most important elements in running an efficient board, and board management software, or a board portal, is one of the most effective ways you can implement better communication. With a board portal, you no longer need to print board books, while you also enjoy

better security than other file sharing tools.

There are three features that any board portal worth investing in will have: security, affordability, and support. Gone are the days when you had to pay a premium for premium security. Your organization can enjoy all three by selecting the right vendor.

#1 Security – Early board portals came about in response to the need for a purpose-built communication solution for boards of directors, but also to provide a secure electronic way of distributing board books. Email is not a secure communication method and that’s not likely to change any time soon, but neither are Dropbox and Google Docs. One of the major developments in newer board portals is the lower cost of premium security. The board portal Aprio is a great example; designed to be both affordable and practical for organizations of all sizes, it offers the same security as the most expensive board portals at half the cost.

#2 Affordability — Board management software has by and large reached a phase where the technology on offer is quite similar across the board. The features are similar and choosing between them is often a matter of personal preference. However, there are still wide variations when it comes to affordability and support, and you can get premium board portals at half the price of very similar solutions.

#3 Support – Last but not least, customer support can make or break a great board portal. You should expect 24/7 support, a feature offered by Aprio, with human agents. Think about this: it’s midnight the night before a board meeting scheduled first thing in the morning, and a director has a question about the board portal technology. It just can’t wait, and their preparedness depends on finding the answer. There’s also ongoing training to consider, as your board isn’t static. You will recruit new directors, and they will need to be trained on your technology solutions. You don’t have to be charged for training new directors if your vendor values customer support.

Besides these 3 must-have features, the newest board management software should also be compatible with all major mobile operating systems. That includes iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows, especially with the recent, rising popularity of tablets powered by Windows. Investing in software that’s already compatible with the technology your organization’s directors use is an easy way to help adoption. You want your directors to use the technology available to them, not only because it’s a more efficient way of disseminating board information, but because it’s essential to the security of your organization. Start booking demos for board management software now, and remember to look for security, affordability, and support.