You must know that when the first man put a step on the moon, it was not only a success for them but for the entire world as a whole new era of innovation and technology was emerged. Since then, we have continued to enjoy the new and advanced technology that has made our lives easier and even more successful. From a telescopic watch to a microchip, technology has completely changed our lifestyles.

Here are some of items of daily use that were actually constructed by NASA for the Apollo missions and are now probably used in every other home. You surely have used one or more of these in the past as well. Let us see what these technologies are:


Braces for Shaped Teeth

NASA constructed solar panels using a metal alloy called nitinol which is used for bringing something back into shape when provided some warmth. This metal alloy is used today by orthodontists in the construction of braces that have nitinol wire in them. It brings the teeth in shape by staying in the built-up warmth of the mouth.


Our Mattress Foam

Today, we achieve a sound sleep on the super comfortable mattress and all the credit goes to NASA. They needed to prevent astronauts from getting hurt while bouncing around in space. Therefore, they formed these foams that we find in every house today.



We are able to use pocket-size computers today which have evolved out of the integrated navigation system that were made for NASA. Therefore, all the development of computer technology emerged out of the first integrated circuit that was built in Texas for NASA. You know now who to blame for addiction of candy crush.


Cordless Technology

NASA built the first battery-powered vacuums and drills that were used for the ease of astronauts to collect samples of soil and rocks. The idea battery usage and cordless device, therefore, emerged from that very point. So, thank NASA for all the cordless technology you use today including mobile phones.


Good Quality Sunglasses

Do you ever wonder how your ray-bans never even easily get scratched? It is because of the amazing technique known as “direct ion deposit” that was developed by NASA for protection from the harmful environment. This technique creates an ultra-protective layer on carbon. The same technique is taken up through license by many companies who make sunglasses. So, if your sunglasses are too old, you have got to salute NASA for saving your money!