landing page design

Landing page design has a rhyme and rhythm. There are techniques that work, and there are basic principles that can be followed to ensure that a landing page is successful. A/B testing will be a necessity for further fine-tuning, but implementing basic design tips can, at the very least, increase your conversions while testing is going on.

You can implement these five tips to make your landing pages better today.

1. Incorporate All of the Basics

The basics are everything a landing page needs. So, what does your landing page need?

  • Above-the-fold placement
  • Headline
  • Offer description
  • One supporting image
  • Form or means of contact

A form is a great option to capture e-mail leads and start to nurture potential leads further. But some small businesses want potential customers to call. A 24-hour phone number for an emergency plumbing service is likely better to convert than a contact form where the customer needs to wait for an answer about their basement flooding.

Small business should not remove the top navigation, which is a common tip for product landing pages that try to keep the lead on the page.

2. Add Several Call-to-Actions

One call-to-action, or CTA, is fine for a small landing page, but longer landing pages which explain a product or service in-depth warrant several CTAs. Take this small repair company that has:

  • A top button with their number
  • A contact us now button on their slider
  • A pop-out option with a phone and email option
  • Bottom form at the end of the page

Viewers have different habits. Some viewers will never scroll to the bottom of the landing page, so a top CTA is essential. Others, especially with product offers, will scroll to the bottom to see pricing and how to order.

You can also add multiple offers. In fact, 48% of landing pages offering multiple offers.

3. Add More Landing Pages

If you have just one landing page, you’re at a major disadvantage. Studies show that the number of leads increased by 55% when increasing landing pages from 10 to 15. Try different things on your many landing pages to try and see what works for your industry.

4. Add Videos to Your Landing Page

Trust is everything when trying to make a sale. A lot of businesses forget that they need to educate and nurture their leads. If I land on a landing page that doesn’t gain my trust, I will quickly click off and go about my life.

Videos are a great way to increase conversions.

One study found that videos can increase conversions by as much as 86%.

5. Optimize Your CTAs

Call-to-actions can be highly optimized. This is a basic tactic that can pay off exponentially. A few of the ways that you’ll want to optimize your CTAs are:

  • Add anchor texts to increase conversions by as much as 121%
  • First-person wording boosts conversions substantially
  • Orange CTAs increase conversions by 5%; red CTAs increase conversions by 21%

Spend time tweaking your call-to-actions and see what works best for you. Documentation can go a long way in trying to determine what works and what doesn’t work.