Direct marketing involves direct communication with customers. This can be done using a business website, email, text messaging, social media, and even printed mail. In order for any business to succeed, it must be able to develop a relationship of trust and authority with consumers. With the invention of the Internet decades ago, the face of direct marketing has changed. Sending flyers in the mail has been replaced with daily emails.

While direct marketing continues to change, there are some definite tips to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn about 5 direct marketing tips that you’ll want to keep in mind when defining your upcoming marketing campaign.

  1. Know Your Target Audience

As with any marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your company material is reaching the right consumers. While you can spend hundreds sending flyers to everyone within a 10 mile radius of your company, the odds of landing leads are quite slim. Before setting forth any direct marketing campaign, be sure you’re well aware of who your target audience is. To determine your target audience you’ll need to look at:

  • Your existing customers
  • Psychographics of your target audience
  • Who your competition is attracting

The bottom line is that without a target audience, your marketing dollars aren’t being spent as wisely as they should be. Knowing who your target audience is boosts your chances of getting new leads and making profit.

  1. Don’t Neglect Direct Mail

In the world of email, social media, and SMS, mail has lost its appeal for many businesses. But, if you’re looking to get more local leads or if you want a 1-up on your competitors, there is plenty of room for direct mail in your marketing plan. Much like emails, you want your direct mail to be purposeful. Most people who get advertisements in the mail throw them out. If you want your direct mail to be read, it needs to stand out.

This starts with creating a memorable look. A plain white envelope with your company’s name in black ink isn’t enough these days. You’ll need to use eye-catching color palettes and designs to entice recipients to actually open the mail you send. Flyers, brochures, and other mailers need to stand out amongst the crowd.

One of the biggest drawbacks of sending direct mail is the time it takes to address envelopes. But, with return address stamps, you can save tons of time. Have a stamp customized with your company name, logo, and return address. You can knock out dozens of envelopes in just a few hand movements!

  1. Have An Offering

Plainly advertising your company isn’t worthwhile to a customer. When you’re sending flyers or newsletters in the mail, the need to be useful and they need to offer something. Remember, consumers don’t reap any rewards by opening your direct mail. If anything it takes time away from their day when they could be doing something else. This is why it’s so important to ensure that each piece of direct mail you send offers something while also advertising your company.

For example, let’s say you’re releasing a new product in two weeks. You can send a flyer to your target audience with information and pictures of the new product while also offering a coupon or money-saving discount. This not only allows you to create buzz and interest around your upcoming product release, it also gives consumers an enticing reason to read the flyer and hopefully make a purchase.

  1. Intermingle Online and Offline Marketing

As a business owner, you’re well aware that social media is the way of the marketing world. Consumers of all ages and demographics use the Internet to locate, learn about, and to communicate with companies. When sending out flyers, don’t hesitate to include a little bit of online marketing. Think about:

  • Using hashtags on your flyers
  • Providing your social media handles on post cards
  • Asking recipients to follow you on social media
  • Offering discount codes for your e-store

The right mix of online and offline marketing will help make your direct marketing efforts much more impactful.

  1. Know How to Sell

As a company, you sell products or services, but when marketing to customers, you need to sell a solution. Customers don’t care that you provide pet services or that you sell winter-proof gloves. Instead, they want to know what problem your product or service fixes. When advertising your company through direct marketing, always focus on the solution that your offering provides. This allows clients to better understand the purpose and benefits of your product or service.


Even in today’s highly-technical world, direct marketing still has its place. While it may be enticing to just send emails or to post on social media, customers have and will always appreciate receiving mail correspondence. There’s just something about holding a piece of paper in your hand that can’t be replaced by text on a screen.