6 Ways to Reduce Office Expenses in Oxford 

Oxford businesses, like businesses around the country, need to work hard to keep expenses in check. A productive and profitable business starts with efficient control of the business expenses that could otherwise spiral out of control. In many cases, it is the small detail that makes a big difference to Oxford companies’ productivity and efficiencies.

Here are some ideas to reduce office expenses and keep expenses in check, from leasing office equipment to saving money on phone calls.

  1. Lease Office Equipment

Printer leasing Oxford is one of the ways you can reduce business expenses and cut the cost of running essential pieces of office equipment. Printers, photocopiers, and other electronics are expensive to purchase and many Oxford businesses do not have the cash flow to be able to buy them outright. Leasing equipment is a way of keeping costs low and manageable and always having a high quality, reliable piece of equipment in the office to increase productivity.

  1. Discover VoIP

Cut the high cost of phone calls by installing VoIP systems that allow team members to connect via the internet without paying for calls. This is effective if you have a geographically diverse team or you use a number of freelancers. You can already find free VoIP systems like Skype but there are other dedicated office systems you can pay for and install. The use of a VOIP can greatly reduce costs, consolidating numbers and making numerous numbers easier to manage.

  1. Buy Recycled Ink Cartridges

Oxford businesses often suffer when it comes to the cost of printer ink and it helps to buy refillable ink cartridges and buy ink online for the best prices. Change the settings on the printer to automatically print to lowest quality so that rough drafts do not use too much ink.

  1. Cut Use of the Postal System

Aim not to send too many letters and communications through the post since costs can rapidly add up for Oxford businesses. Cut down on the correspondence that comes through the mail and manage bill payments online. This also cuts down on the expense of paper and printing.

  1. Recycle and Reuse

Oxford companies are often innovative in the ways they use old equipment and office furniture to save money. There are many ways to recycle and reuse items to cut expenses. And once you are recycling and reusing this also gives your company green credentials, which helps it stand out in the Oxford market.

  1. Sell Older Equipment

Make space for newer, leased office equipment by selling old items on eBay or donating them to charity. Your office will be more productive as you will have more space to work, and you can also get some cash back for older devices you no longer want to use.