So, you just quit your 9-5 job and are starting a lawn mower business. That’s great for you! This is a great industry to get into and you can find a lot of success when you run your business in the right way.

However, there are plenty of people who go into the lawn mower business thinking that they know everything there is to know about it. That means that there are plenty of mistakes that these people make when starting up their business. Keep the following mistakes in mind when you want to get your business up and running.

  1. Depleting Your Bank Account to Buy a Lawn Mower and Other Equipment.

When you’re starting any business, it’s crucial to keep some money in your bank account, even when you have to get those first pieces of crucial equipment. Make sure to not go for the most expensive lawn mower and other pieces of equipment unless you have the funds for it. This could mean that you end up with less money than you expected to get your business off the ground. Or worse yet – you may never get any business and would have bought that expensive equipment for nothing.

  1. Not Answering the Phone.

Some people see that not answering your phone on a regular basis is one of the main reasons why lawn care businesses never get off of the ground. Sure, you want to be mowing all of the time in order to get that money flowing in, but what about the administrative tasks? Unless you have an assistant doing all of that for you, it’s likely that potential customers are turning away because you’re not answering your phone. Don’t make this mistake if you want to make it big!

  1. Doing Lawn Care Work Outside of Legal Hours.

You should definitely check with your county or district to determine what the legal hours are that you can mow your lawn. Depending on where you live, there could be pretty strict hours regarding this! And you definitely don’t want to get in trouble with the law when you’re just trying to get your business off of the ground. When you leave to go mow a lawn, make sure you’re doing so legally!

  1. Believing Everyone’s Going to Pay You.

One of the worst parts about running a business is waiting around for invoices to be paid. It’s a fact of the business world that some invoices are just not going to be paid. Either clients are just not nice to work with or they forget about it, you should ensure that you have proper contracts running so that you can demand your funds whenever necessary. And be sure to have a proper invoice scheduling system so you can know when payments are due and when to follow up with clients.

  1. Offering Out Cheap Lawn Mowing.

When you think about it, it may seem common sense that you would want to offer the cheapest lawn mowing services to beat out your competition. However, this isn’t the best way to go. If you end up offering super cheap services, you’re actually not going to make any more money than you would if you charged the same or more than your competitors. This is because you have to think about the costs you are incurring while you mow the lawn. If you don’t charge enough to cover those expenses, you’re in real trouble.

  1. Not Keeping Up and Maintaining Your Lawn Mower.

One of the major mistakes that new lawn care business owners are going to make is not properly maintaining and repairing their lawn mowers and other pieces of equipment. How can you expect to keep a long-standing and successful business if you don’t take the time to maintain your equipment? This should be one of your priorities when you start a business.

  1. Waiting for Customers to Come to You.

You can’t just wait around and expect customers to come knocking on your door. You have to get out there and actually promote your business if you want to start that flow of paying consumers. Be sure to have a strong marketing scheme in order to get the word out about your new business.

If you follow these tips and avoid these lawn care marketing mistakes, you’re well on the way to making a successful lawn mowing business. Try them out and let us know how your business is going!