So, you want to upgrade to a new phone? Why not? After all, the entire world population is thriving on newer versions of smartphones, so why should you lag behind? Without wasting any time, get hold of a new phone by trading in the old one with older features. Brandish the new device with exciting new features in front of your friends, family members and also your office colleagues. You do not have to be a tech expert to use a new mobile phone with updated features. It is enough that you have a real interest in buying and using it because all the features of a modern smartphone are so intuitive that it does the learning curve for you.

Why Upgrade to Android 7.1.2?

Of course, the first reason we upgrade, we want a better faster phone that will improve our quality of life. Second, it’s a status symbol. Either way, I’ll tell you that Nougat is a whole new beast making it worth your while. They will, of course, want to use the Android 7.1.2. In fact, to make it more useful, the OS has been released after fixing the bugs. The upgraded version is released in the market for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The newer version will perform better in several ways as in; it will come with new and improved features along with stability in performance. It will improve certain features like:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fingerprint swipe performance
  • Battery user alerts
  • Faster shut down
  • Removal of pink stripes on camera
  • Voice crackling solved

Android 7.1.2 is out as of April 3rd, and people are free to use it.

Enhanced Features of Android 7.0 and Upwards

The Android Nougat that is version 7.0 is fun to use because it includes many new features. They are:

  • Android VR and Daydream- Native support for VR is finally hear in this version. Daydream, which is a platform for mobile VR comes with a host of specifications. Thus, several manufacturers are making the Daydream-installed devices.
  • Multi-Window Setup- Google has finally incorporated a multitasking system in Android Nougat version which was initially removed from Android 6.0, but it has again been reinstated in Android 7.0. With this change, the developers must opt for the split screen mode to facilitate smooth functioning of applications.
  • Hamburger Menu- The hamburger menu button which is the icon with three lines, now appears in the system settings. The new placement should speed up zipping through apps. Mind you this already exists in other Google applications.
  • Menu Providing Additional Information- The menu will now provide additional information on the app regarding its origin. It will tell whether the app was installed from Play store or APK. You can already see the developers and techies going nuts over this one.
  • Enhanced Google Now Launcher- There are 2 enhancements to Android 7.0 Google Now Launcher. The overview page can be brought up by using the pinch gesture while there will be options like “Remove/Cancel,” “Uninstall” and “App Info” for every application when they are dragged from home screen.
  • Use Notification Bar to Reply- This is a feature closely resembling those of Apple iOS. Messages can be replied from the notification bar from now on. This has made the device more user-friendly because you will not have to visit a particular app or even unlock the phone.
  • Cat Emoji on Nougat Easter Egg- This is the cutest upgrade. The Easter Egg Android Nougat is way more colourful, and a cat emoji appears at the bottom of the logo. Visit the settings and tap on the system repeatedly to get the ‘N’ pressing on which you will find the cat emoji.
  • Improved Dose Mode- Now, the Doze feature will improve battery life by working even when the battery is off.
  • New Notifications Panel- The notifications panel has been entirely redesigned which seamlessly aligns with what user had seen in earlier leaks. The icons above the notification shade are now conspicuous, and on the far right, a drop-down toggle has been provided to expand the panel.

All these features have made the Android Nougat version more user-friendly. Naturally upgrading to Android 7.0 makes sense! So, if you want to upgrade to a better version, sell your Android phones that you have been using so long to get hold of the latest version.

Author Bio: Arpita Bose is a technological blogger sharing information on technology and latest mobile updates. Here she discussed about the latest features of Android Nougat and why it is better to change to the latest operating system.