I read a lot of blog posts. Not as many as some but more than most. Of the articles I read I ’share’ the ones that I find most interesting. Those shared items get pushed to my FriendFeed account which then in turn get pushed to my Twitter account and flow in to my Facebook.

My RSS Consumtion Activity [chart]

Connecting your WorkStream to you LifeStream

So while I seem to spend all day on Twitter, I actually don’t. I’ve just connected more of my WorkStream to my LifeStream. This doesn’t take any more time for me than to click the share button.

For some people this creates to much noise (my sister-in-law un-friended me on Facebook). I’ve learned that someone who’s new to Twitter and has fewer than 200 friends has a much higher chance of dropping me.

While this concern me, it doesn’t outweigh the fact that most people find my output valuable. I become a human filter for them. They don’t have to read 3000 posts to find the 158 best ones (according to me).

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