I've seen some strange things happen to content. In an effort to help you get the most out of your B2B content marketing efforts, I thought I'd shed some light on the kind of stuff that can derail your attempts to gain the attention of your prospects.

In no particular order of importance, here are the top 23 that come to mind:

  1. Hiring an expert to develop content and then revising it to insert all those "me, me, me" terms and phrases that are noticeably absent.
  2. Only using a content resource once and then archiving it somewhere offline.
  3. Sending out whatever content is at hand to your entire list every month.
  4. Not creating a content strategy BEFORE you develop content.
  5. Following up a great early-stage content offer with a pushy sales offer.
  6. Creating great content but lousy email messaging that fails to get prospects to click.
  7. Sending a great email message linked to lousy content.
  8. Deluging your database with too many emails, too often.
  9. Not measuring response beyond opens and clicks so you have no clue which content is working, or why.
  10. When your website content is NOT in alignment with your nurturing content - hence confusing your prospects when they do click through.
  11. Landing pages that bear no resemblance to the message in your email.
  12. Promising a deep topic dive and delivering a surface skim.
  13. Customer success stories that are all about your company, not your customers.
  14. Changing focus with every nurturing touch so your prospects are totally confused about what's in it for them.
  15. Covering too much because you aren't sure what's relevant to your audience and want to make sure something sticks.
  16. Stopping prospects who want your content with lengthy forms that keep them from getting it - do you really need to know all that stuff right now?
  17. Launching a blog to talk about your products.
  18. Tweeting only about your content and company.
  19. Using pre-sales marketing content for your customer base.
  20. Giving salespeople early-stage content for use with sales-ready leads - even worse when it's stuff the leads have seen during nurturing.
  21. Sending the same email with alarming frequency and repetition to train your prospects to ignore you because you obviously have nothing new to add to the conversation.
  22. Disappointing your prospects with a great white paper offer because it's outdated. Just because it was good 3 years ago doesn't mean it shouldn't be updated before it's reused.
  23. Only using 3rd party content so your prospects have no clue whether or not YOU know what you're talking about.

What have I forgotten? Leave a comment and I'll add yours to the list.
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