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Amazon is on Fire, But Kindle Isn't Prime Reason they are 'The Company to Watch'

November 18, 2011 by Brent Leary

I've been playing with my new Kindle Fire for the past 24 hours, and I have to say it's a nice little device. The display is nice and crisp. Video streaming from Amazon worked great, or maybe I was just really excited watching episode one of Felix the Cat while walking around my house...[read more]

Learning from bad graphs and weak analysis

December 26, 2009 by Seth Godin

Yesterday's Times features a blog post about the Kindle. There's a lot wrong with the post (which hopefully has been corrected by the time you read this) and I thought I'd point out two useful lessons. Nick Bilton, the author of the post, also did the graphs, and as a former newspaper art director, he has no one else to blame for the...[read more]

Teaching the market a lesson

November 14, 2009 by Seth Godin

Some book publishers don't like the Kindle. Either they're afraid of it or they've crunched the numbers and they don't like what they see. (Some days, 95% of the top selling Kindle titles are free... demonstrating that digital goods with zero marginal cost and plentiful substitutes tend to move to zero in price.) Worried about the medium...[read more]

Some people are better than others

October 27, 2009 by Seth Godin

By 'better', of course I mean better customers, better prospects, better sneezers, better at spreading the word. Here are two interesting lessons from the book industry: Kindle readers buy two or three times as many books as book readers. Why? I don't think it's necessarily because using a Kindle leads someone to read more books. I...[read more]

Get Some Kindling with Your Chaos

May 15, 2009 by Gavin Heaton

In an interesting move, Amazon have now made it possible to publish your blog direct to the latest Kindle device. All you need to do is sign-up as a Kindle publisher (and yes, it is ANOTHER new and separate Amazon account), supply your RSS feed details and a picture of your blog, and off you go (well, really, just wait 24-48 hours). So...[read more]

What and How I Would Pay for the Kindle++

May 5, 2009 by Albert Wenger

Amazon will apparently make some announcement tomorrow (Wednesday) that has been claimed to be a new version of the Kindle aimed specifically at newspaper readers. Until it has an official name, I will call it the Kindle++. My personal wish list for the Kindle++ actually has nothing to do with size of screen. I find that the Kindle 2...[read more]

Kookoo for Kindle. . . (Texas Startup Blog)

March 9, 2009 by AlexanderMuse

My seven-year-old goes to a private school here in Dallas, and while he is the in the advance reading group, his teacher won’t allow him to check out any book he wants from the library. I was surprised. He wants to read historical non-fiction (don’t ask me why), but the content is clearly above his 4th grade reading level. As a...[read more]