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Dharma, Karma & SAP

February 7, 2011 by Manju Bansal

Since 1989, India has been on a reform agenda, opening its economy and dismantling the license Raj that had shackled the country since Independence in 1947. And as the country found its economic rhythm, a curious thing happened - consumers began demanding more not only from their government and their commercial providers (i.e. the mobile...[read more]

The Black Economy & SaaS ERP

October 15, 2010 by Manju Bansal

One of the key selling points of SaaS ERP is the notion of operational efficiency and speed to market i.e. why invest precious resources in building an IT infrastructure when you can essentially outsource that function to a reliable vendor. While that concept is pretty clean, it does however assume one very critical thing i.e. the...[read more]

The Art of Innovation and Wired to Care Reviews

June 17, 2010 by Jim Estill

I feel like I'm way behind in posting my book reviews. I thought I would get 2 done at once. One great book I read was The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley. Kelley works at IDEO, an award winning design and development firm. Best known for bringing the Apple mouse to the world, but also known for bringing Polaroids instant access camera...[read more]

Vuvuzela – Proving the Randomness of Viral

June 15, 2010 by Mark Faggiano

I’d be willing to bet that 99% of people who have watched more than 1 minute of World Cup coverage on TV has asked a question similar to this: “What the heck is that noise?” Inevitably people find the answer. Either they call their buddy to find out if their TV is also making a strange humming noise that sounds like 1 million bumble...[read more]

Why I’m Loving expo-MAX Analytics

June 14, 2010 by Danny Brown

If you run any kind of online business presence – blog, website, e-commerce store – then one of the key things to have in place is an analytics system for measuring your metrics. This can be to gauge traffic, time spent on site, hot spots and much, much more. If you don’t have any kind of analytics in place, then you’re not seeing the...[read more]

Early Indications June 2010: World Cup special on sports brand equity

June 12, 2010 by JohnJordan1

It's a familiar business school discussion.  "Let's talk about powerful brands," begins the professor.  "Who comes to mind?"  Usual suspects emerge: Coke, Visa, Kleenex. "OK," asks the prof, "what brand is so influential that people tattoo it on their arms?"  The answer is of course Harley-Davidson. There is of...[read more]

Doing Business in China: ‘Going Global’ Profiles Jihong Sanderson – Top Innovative China Brand Woman

June 1, 2010 by Margot Heiligman

In ‘Going Global’ the series focuses on what it takes for small and mid-sized businesses to leap into new markets, achieve global reach, and potentially improve current business processes and outcomes by extending beyond domestic boundaries for both scale and expertise.   Bird's Nest Stadium, China, [photo by Andrey Belenko.]...[read more]

A Whole New Mind for Business

May 21, 2010 by Jim Estill

Yesterday while waiting in Penn station I bought a book from Craig at Penn Station books. I love the way a small company can compete with a large seller by simply having the right location. And in this case also from the personal touch. I went into the store and asked if he had a few specific books, and not only did he walk me to the...[read more]

DMA's Spring Magazine Focused on Going Global

May 18, 2010 by Steve King

The spring issue of Point Magazine is on going global.  Point is published by the Direct Marketing Association and this issue is well worth reading.    Being a data and trends guy, my favorite article is The Global Consumers: Diverse, Demanding, Connected.  It covers a wide range of global trends and demographic...[read more]

Signs, Symbols and Social Media - Is There An International Visual Language of the Web?

May 4, 2010 by Editor Bloggertone

When most people think about globalising a website and social media presence, they think about translating text. Pictures and images it seems are universal.  Or are they? While most of us respect the fact that in different countries people speak different languages, we still seem to find it hard to grasp that people can speak...[read more]

Deconstructing Business Success One Woman at A Time Plus: “LinkedIn for Business” Webinar Featuring Anita Campbell

April 19, 2010 by Margot Heiligman

This weekend, the New York Times published: “Out of the Loop” a journalistic piece breaking down Silicon Valley and the high tech industry to reveal what makes it tick for women.  What makes it tick or not - might conjur up the thought of a biological clock and family goals, which is generally believed...[read more]

Writing on the Wall: Every Single Talk at GoaFest 2010 Was About Social Media

April 14, 2010 by Gaurav Mishra

Last week, I had a great time at GoaFest 2010. First, I participated in a panel discussion on social media with some really cool co-panelists – Eric Ashok Ledergerber, Founder,|dia Kiruba Shankar (@kiruba), CEO, Business Blogging Vishal Gondal (@vishalgondal), CEO, India Games Gaurav Mishra (@gauravonomics), CEO, 2020 Social...[read more]

Go Global Or Your Business Will Die

April 13, 2010 by Laurel Delaney

Why do I feel like the whole world is catching up to us on the importance of entrepreneurs and small businesses taking their business global? Take this special report on America's economy entitled, "Export or Die," published by The Economist (3/31/10). It drives home the point that with demand dwindling or in some instances totally...[read more]

Online Word of Mouth: Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

April 8, 2010 by IdilCakim

Trendstream, a research firm based in the UK, has published global trends on social media usage. The firm’s Global Web Index, based on 32,000 online interviews across 16 countries, shows that online marketers in the Asia Pacific region have tremendous opportunities as their audiences trust and engage with brands that communicate with...[read more]

LiveMint Article on Indian Brands Using Social Media

April 3, 2010 by Gaurav Mishra

I was quoted recently in a LiveMint article on Indian brands using social media. I said that out of the top 100 Indian brands, maybe 20 have used social media in any meaningful way so far, but many more are trying to experiment with it. It’s evident from the other quotes in the article that the easiest way to try out social media is...[read more]

How’s the craic? 10 Tips for Cross Cultural Marketing and Networking

March 31, 2010 by Editor Bloggertone

Have you ever been caught out saying the wrong thing at a business meeting abroad? You wouldn’t be the only one.  We are so wedded to our native cultures that sometimes we just don’t think. Cultural references, something as simple as “How’s the craic” can leave our listeners with a blank stare.  For the non Irish craic (...[read more]

Achtung: Baby Businesses

March 19, 2010 by Editor Bloggertone

U2 should read this even if you are an established business I may be slightly biased here as I am a big fan of Germany and I have always enjoyed visiting and spending time with my German friends.  I have recently returned from a trip to Berlin, my first visit to Germany in years and importantly my first as a business owner. I was as...[read more]

The Business Climate in China

March 12, 2010 by Jeff Nolan

I just spent a week and a half in southern China visiting a range of manufacturing facilities and meeting with senior executives, and the learnings were significant, some of which I want to share with you today. This is the kind of information that is really challenging to get from analysts and journalists simply because analysts and...[read more]

World Population

February 10, 2010 by Laurel Delaney

Since 95 percent of the world's population resides outside the United States, I thought you'd like to know what you are missing out on if you run a only a local business. World population: 6, 692,030,277 (according to Google in 2008) That's a mighty big pie. Look at the United States relative to the world here (very cool tool)!...[read more]

She Blogs She Blogs: Growing Small and Midsized Businesses... A Series

February 3, 2010 by Margot Heiligman

The mission: to interview growing small and midsized businesses this year as part of a series The plan: to glean insights specifically from women business leaders which will not only be really exciting to share, but will start to crystalize a picture of how 2010 will take shape from a business perspective.  The questions: (samples...[read more]