For everyone who hates business plans, I keep finding alternative ways of planning. Here's another one.


Sounds good: just mess around and try things, right? Well, that's not quite enough.

Experimenting means more than just trying things. It means methodical testing. You have a specific idea you're testing, and the test is designed to find out whether the idea is valid. And before, during and after the test you measure.

How do you use this as a replacement for business planning? Follow all the steps:

  • Come up with an idea for your business. 
  • Figure out a way to test it. 
  • Set up a relevant measurement. 
  • Run the test while measuring. 
  • Measure how well it worked. 
  • Decide how to improve the idea and test that. 

Not as simple as just "trying stuff," but potentially powerful.

Do you think this could be a useful alternative to planning for you?

Do you have a business plan for 2013 or will you be experimenting?