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The Best Online Marketing Tips For Summer

We always see lots of articles in the springtime talking about how you can get your body “summer-ready.” While you may already be aware of the fact that you can exercise your way to a “summer body,” you might not know that there are tweaks you can make to optimize your online marketing strategy for summer as well.

While there aren’t any major changes to be made as the warmer months approach, there are a few key things to keep in mind and do as the weather changes. Here are the best online marketing tips for summer.

Accept The Slump

Most people who work in SEO and online marketing are well aware of the “summer slump.” It seems to happen like clockwork. You send out an e-mail blast, include a link that says “click here” and yet the clicks just don’t seem to come the same way they would in the fall or winter.

It’s true that there is such a thing as a summer slump and that you need to accept this. This doesn’t mean that you pack up your business and take three months off; actually, this would be foolish to do and could have a major detrimental effect to your business as a whole.

Instead, you should accept the slump when it comes to setting your goals for the summer months. If you expect to hit the same goals in July as you would in December, you’re setting yourself up for some major disappointment. Summer is slow for a few reasons. First, people spend more time outdoors than they do inside, which means they use devices and access websites less. Secondly, there are no major gift-giving holidays in summer, which means people spend less collectively across the board.

Recognize the slump, accept it and adjust your goals accordingly. Don’t completely pack up your business and take a vacation, but rather just make your expectations realistic.

Target The Younger Demographic

This won’t work for every business, naturally. If you’re in the business of selling business consulting, there’s not much you can do in the way of selling your product to high school students. However, if you sell a product that is appealing to a myriad of age groups, now is the time to really target the youth demographic.

It was stated above that the summer slump is driven by more people going outdoors and spending less time on screens. While this is certainly true for adults, teens tend to spend plenty of time on screens in the summer. After all, they’re out of school and have nothing else to do.

When you target the younger demographic, try to avoid anything that seems like you’re trying too hard to be hip. Youths are savvier than we tend to give them credit for and they recoil at anything that sounds like an older person trying to be “cool.” However, you should plan your promotions and social media campaigns with a younger audience in mind.

Analyze Your Business

Summer is the perfect time to go over those analytics from the previous year and examine what is and isn’t working. If you’ve ever wanted to make any major changes to your website design or your overall marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. Think of summer as the time when you can make those big changes that you’ve been putting off without having to worry about anyone being caught off guard by your new look.

Start Thinking About Fall

The two biggest times of the year in business is the beginning of the school year and the holiday season. This is why smart entrepreneurs continue working through the summer, yes, but they devote a significant amount of time to planning their fall and winter promotions.

In the summer, you should view your web marketing efforts as one half of your job. The other half should be devoted to preparing for the colder months, when more people are spending money. The more planning you do in the summer, the more prepared you’ll be when the colder months arrive and the more money you’ll make.

Don’t view summer as a vacation from your business. Sadly, you’re not a kid anymore and you don’t get the summertime off. However, do view it as a time where your day is less demanding and you can spend more time retooling aspects of your online marketing that aren’t working, in addition to prepping for the busier fall and winter months.