Blogging Tips from Pros


Are you a blogger and are you blogging to serve the purpose of improving your business? If so, are you receiving all the success you have been expecting from your blog? Well, blogging needs patience perseverance and time. It is not something you can get overnight. However, you needs to give your best for reaching the mark of success and here are some tips every blogger needs to follow for being successful.


1.       Treat your articles like they are your products

This tip is the outmost thing every blogger needs to follow if so, it will completely change your blogging game. When you treat all the articles in your blog as your products, you will start getting more comments on your articles and also more traffic will be diverted to your blog. Just like a product will be of use only when you are sure about what others want from it, similarly an article will only be big hit with like and comments if the blog owner has an idea about what the users are looking for. So, before you post an article on your blog tweet a question with multiple choice answers and let the users take a poll on it. Depending on the review you get, choose the subject of the article and go with it. Your article will surely be a big hit.

Just like a user will pay for a product if it is really worth the money, even articles will only be read if they have some quality in the content. If you do provide quality content no user will be ready to pay for reading the article.

A blog needs to be refreshed with new content all the time just like a product with something new about it. So, even if there are any errors in the language or formatting errors, just hit the publish button for the time being. You can always go back and correct them. One more important thing is you have to reply to the comments on your posts to keep your readers engaged.

2.       You have to be the producer of your Original content

You have to be the owner of the content you post, it is the best tip for any blogger. When the blog consists of your own  images and videos , it is more likely that you pay will increase as the other people will probably add your post  links to their blogs and also you will receive better traffic if the images you post are embed or linked somewhere else. If your images are more than just stock images you will receive more SEO.

It is always better to put information that belong to you in the topic instead of just inserting images downloaded from other sources for namesake.

3.       Publish only Best Content

Publish only content that is of best quality on your blog, one that you can sell to your clients for a huge sum. Never be worried about giving advice and content for free on your blog. It might sound you are giving away your trade secrets for free, but believe in the concept, you will attract more traffic than those blogger who sell content for a fee.

4.       Attract traffic to your blog with useful content

Do not just post any content that comes across your mind, you will only be wasting your time and resources and no traffic will be driven to your blog. Focus on attracting your target people with content that is meaningful and also can be of use to the readers. This is the key for getting new readers to visit your blog. Let your friends or employees or anybody you know interact through in the comment section of the blog with you. Encourage them to read the posts and leave reviews etc. This way they will be an increase in the blog engagement and also helps in empowering the employees for idea sharing that would not have been possible otherwise.

Also conduct a survey to understand better what is useful for people who visit your blog, ask them or customers what they are looking for in your blog. By doing so you will understand their needs better and also build a rapport with them. All this helps in increasing your blog traffic.

5.       Invite Guest Bloggers

Blog needs to be updated with fresh content regularly and if sometimes you run out of time or content, consider having a guest blogger. There is no reason for being scared about inviting  guest blogger who might be your staff or professionals or even friends. If they have a talent for writing some good content with good language skills and ask for their help for building content for your blog. When you share content of the guest bloggers it will offer your readers a new perspective. You might attract new audience and also you might even land up with an opportunity for guest blogging too.

These are some tips for SEO blogging Pros. Implement them and you will find you blog walking the path of success.