There are two social media networks that I have found to be very helpful in building my direct sales business.  The first is of course, Facebook which many of you may already be using on some level.  The second is Pinterest.  I hope to do another guest post on Pinterest but for now let’s focus on Facebook.

I’ve found that Facebook allows me to accomplish a lot while making it easy on me.  Some of the things I use Facebook for are:

  • Share new products immediately with previous customers
  • Create a forum for customers to talk about products
  • Invaluable tool for recruiting
  • Reach friends of friends that I otherwise may not reach

My company releases new products all the time and they happen to be season specific so many of my customers want to know what the new products are for that month.  I can simply post the new products on my Facebook page and immediately I have people who like them or write their impressions of them.  I can then point out the features and engage previous customers and potential new customers.

I like to post products that sell frequently or my best selling products so that I can get some comments and likes from the people who have bought them.  These work as basically online reviews and help others both become aware of the products and get honest reviews from people they know.  And these reviews are “living” as people can post their comments and get feedback not only from me but others who have purchased the products.  It’s hard to beat these testimonials!

Facebook for Recruiting? Yes or No?

I don’t use Facebook as a recruiting tool in that I don’t post looking for recruits but I do post my success and other people’s success on my team.  This is designed to generate interest from those who view my page and aren’t really sure if they want to start a direct sales business but are intrigued enough to keep looking around.  I like to share the success stories and just let people know that there is an opportunity to make money but I don’t specifically post a message calling for recruits.  I want it to be subtle yet effective.

The final way I have found Facebook to be helpful is that I can reach a number of people that I would have probably never been able to reach.  When one of the people I know comments on my page often times all of their friends can see this comment and can read the thread whether it is about products or about the business.  These are often times people I don’t know or wouldn’t ever meet but there is a connection in that their friend already knows me.  They can ask their friend about me and the products I sell…it’s a great way to get an introduction.

One thing I urge all of you to do is to separate your personal and business Facebook pages.  Keep your business page tied to your business and leave out most of your personal life.  It’s ok to make your page personal but there’s no need to tell all of your business followers where you went for dinner.

This guest post is provided by Becky Sattler. Becky Sattler is an Independent Scentsy Consultant who sells scentsy candle warmers on her website at