Google announced yesterday on their blog that Google+ will now work with Google Apps, meaning businesses and schools that use Google Apps for email can get onto Google Plus and all the sharing it offers. This is a big step in getting the business world online for internal communications.


Think about creating a circle of work colleagues and being able to chat, video conference, and post information within your personal forum. Fewer printed memos. Fewer email chains with Reply Alls. Fewer reasons to get on a plane to see a colleague.

Google is very good at making expensive tools accessible. At a major company, you would likely have an intranet, maybe a closed social media platform for the company, a shared space to meet for coffee. Small businesses not only can't afford these things, but have found high tech solutions to be repeatedly so expensive that they now don't consider them. Google, with its line of Apps and now Google + for Apps, lets the small business owner start to feel entitled, like they should have access to this technology on the cheap. It's a big shift in thinking.

This is a smart move for an ailing social network, but can we trust it long term? For now, we're in at Social Media Today. Are you?


Thanks to Laughing Squid web hosting for the tip off via Twitter.