Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Similarities between a start up and a music band

startups similarities with music band.At present the startup companies are being compared to music bands. Both of these a lot of similarities. Music bands create demo tapes, start playing gigs wherever they have a chance, form a network with similar bands etc. Similarly with startups too, people of different skills gather together, create their prototype and begin to develop their network with other startups and investors.

How to Grow A Startup During a Difficult Economic Climate

You’ve followed your passion and launched your startup. All of the pieces seem to be coming together until you're hit with something outside of your control: an economic downturn, or maybe...

Why Startups Should Insist on Better Wifi Access for Everyone

A few years ago, there has been much discussion about the pronouncement of the right to broadband Internet access as a universal human right. With staying connected online being pretty much...

Five Ways To Get The Word Out On Your Startup

  If you are launching a new business one of your biggest goals should be getting the word out on your new venture. There are many ways to do this, from using...

Top 10 Start up secrets

startup secrets.Many of the people want to start their own business, but drop the idea midway as they are overwhelmed by the process and do not understand what is necessary.

Why Do So Many Startups Fail?

Every year there are millions of startups around the world, some of which go on to make enormous amounts of money while others fail, often even before getting off the ground....

Location Boost for your Startups

Location Boost for your Start ups

The Best Ways to Motivate Employees at Work

Keeping employees motivated at work and increasing morale is a challenge faced by many employers.  Employee motivation is key to the success of the company, so motivating employees to work hard...

Challenges to Start a New Business

Challenges to Start a New Business Starting a new business involves risk and challenges; some of the challenges may be anticipated and should build strategies as per these challenges in order to...

6 Do’S And Dont’s For A Successful Startup

What is it that makes a successful startup, and a startup that just never properly takes off? What do the successful startups do that other startups don’t? The following 6 do’s...