In the beginning WordPress was not considered  a shopping platform. No one was using it to to sell their physical items or services from a WordPress blog. However, WordPress has become so popular, so much in fact that new plug-ins are being released every couple of hours.

People are begining to take this content managment platform and use the open source code for all things ecommerce. Now you can make money and take money right on a WordPress blogs and it will look like a full service ecommerce store. You can intergrate Paypal for payment for the things you sell and all of it is as easy as installing a plug-in.

Take a look at this list of 12 useful WordPress plug-ins for e-commerce:

1. Are Pay Pal: This plug-in monetizes your blog content with Pay Pal and has the advantage that you can set the content to be hidden for unregistered users, and visible for registered users.

2. eShop: This is a shopping cart plug-in that provides basic statistics, sends automated e-mails on purchases, integrates with Paypal, Webtopay, iDEAL, and Cash, among others.

3. WP e-Commerce: This is a very elegant, yet easy to use shopping cart plug-in designed to sell products and services through your blog.

4. YAK: Another easy to use shopping cart plug-in. It creates an association between products and weblog entries. One of its features is that provides a screen with a list of options to organize the shopping cart.

5. ArtPal: It’s a free WordPress plug-in. This was created for artists. It integrates Paypal with their WordPress blog to sell their work. One of the features is that after the item is sold, the plug-in will disable the item.

6. WP Live-Shopping: This shopping cart plug-in can be added to the sidebar and can be also customized to change its appearance.

7. Quick Shop: This plug-in will work on any Worpress with a sidebar installed. On that sidebar, it shows the items that the customers have in their shopping cart, and allows them to remove items.

8. Store Press: It’s a premium plug-in fully coded with scripts that allow users to transform the Worpress blog into a virtual store.

9. Shopp: This is an ecommerce plug-in that comer many features like many payment processors, theme widgets, and shipping calculations.

10. WP Auctions: This plug-in has just been released, and it’s among the hottest trends in the WordPress sphere! It allows users to create, manage and edit limitless auctions on your blog.

11. Easy Pay Pal: This plug-in collects payment from the users that access to your WordPress blog. The first time they enter, the plug-in will direct them to PayPal. The next time that they visit you blog, the plug-in will update the payment date based on the period that you define. After the next payment, the plug-in will send them to PayPal again.

12. FatFree Cart: This plug-in allows lets you add buttons like “add to cart” and “View cart” on your posts, so you are completely able to sell items directly from your posts. This plug-in is also integrated with PayPal and Google Checkout.

In my opinion, after WordPress things will NEVER be the same in ecommerce store solutions.