Here are my top 3 tips for 2011, along with Jonathan Garriss the CEO of

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As we enter another exciting year, it’s a great time to plan for the year ahead. What should you be focusing on? What will be critical to your ecommerce success in 2011?

We contacted some of the expert speakers from PeSA Summit 2010 and asked them to share their Top 3 Tips for selling successfully online in 2011.

Jonathan Garriss –

1. Create a plan/strategy for 2011 before things get too crazy
2. Measure the profit/costs of the different parts of your business.  Then, pick the top 3 and work on those exclusively; put the less profitable tasks on hold or outsource them to someone that can do it better (or cheaper).

3. Survey your customers to learn what they think about you.  Don’t rely on the initiative of customers to go out of their way to tell you that you are doing something wrong. 

John Lawson – 3rd Power Outlet

1) Embrace multi-channel marketing

  • Duplicating success is the quickest way to amplify income
  • Multiple streams of income will sure up your business foundation
  • Explore new strategies in different marketplaces

2) Prepare for the increase of opportunity and competition

  • eCommerce (i.e. making sales via the web) will rise rapidly in 2011 and with it your opportunity to capitalise on the increase.
  • With the increase of web consumers will come an equal increase in competition. 
  • Sure up your current customer base and use that information to market to other growth prospects.

3) To convert in social marketing you must first build credibility

  • Who said it is more important than “What” was said in social media marketing. 
  • Let the influencers do the talking for you.
  • Be in the right conversations at the right time.