Maintaining your outdoor spaces

As a company, you will be aware of how everything associated with your business is a representation of you and your values. This includes your outdoor space and grounds. By way of example, you can choose the colours of your brick work to reflect those in your logo. Or you can create a ‘feel’ by using certain planting or fencing. The difference between using a row of trees to separate building and car park, for example, sends quite a different message to using a huge wooden fence.

With this in mind, you will want to find a reliable landscaper or maintenance firm that is trustworthy, knows your brand and knows about the most effective ways to use the space. With knowledge and experience, UK Landscapes have been creating and maintaining outdoor spaces for commercial sector for years.


This is a given, really. You will be entrusting the person or company with your property, which means you want to see evidence that they are trustworthy. Whether you find this through word of mouth or customer testimonials, it is a crucial part of any business relationship. Since you will be needing regular maintenance, you will be looking to build a long-lasting relationship, and are only going to do this with a firm you can trust. Your clients are your priority and any place they may come to visit should extend your brand values and attitude to customers.

Comprehensive understanding

You want to find a landscaper or firm who have a comprehensive understanding of your business and your grounds. Everything from what you wish your space to represent, to your budgetary constraints should be taken into consideration to create a maintenance schedule that works for you. A sound knowledge of which plants will flourish where, and which work together will meangarden areas are kept looking their best year round. They should also be able to advise you on hard landscaping such as patios, decking and brickwork.

Experienced company

You want to be sure that you are leaving your company and its grounds in the right hands, so you can get on with what area of the business you do best! Maintenance and landscaping contracts require organisation, diplomacy and efficiency, which are core values you can expect from someone or a company with experience. Finding out which other brands or companies they have worked with before should give you an indication of their experience and help you to select someone who can best represent you, with as much or as little control from you as you see fit.