Keyword Search MascotYou have been doing a great job of making your content buzz. You have an extremely large number of followers and many of your readers continue to read your content. Your keywords are working and your rankings are consistently high.

You are creating a tremendous buzz with your content and your web presence is becoming stronger and making a bigger and bigger splash. However, it is very important to remember that even though you are doing so well, you still can’t afford to sit back and rest easy. In fact, you may have even more work to do now than you had before. You should consider it the next phase in your online marketing strategy. It is wonderful that you have managed to make the initial keywords that you used work for so well for you; however, now you need to do even better. You need to work toward keyword expansion.

The importance of keyword expansion

Keyword expansion means that you target as many keyword opportunities as possible by doing deep searches and tapping previously untapped sources that will hopefully generate new leads and a great deal more top-quality traffic. When it comes to keyword expansion, in some cases, you will be honing your keyword-finding skills by revisiting your initial keyword searches and identifying search criteria that you may have missed the first time. In other instances, you will search will take on a totally different aspect. You can search for different landing pages, links and blog posts. Probably, the most effective search will be one that encompasses both approaches that were mentioned above. The question now is where you can go to find new information based on your creatively adjusting the way that you search.

How to expand your keyword searches

  • Searching your competitions’ websites: You have the potential to find a great deal of valuable information on other people’s websites. There are many possible ways in which you can glean information from your competitors.


    • Explore your competition’s website: If you visit the website of your competition (and really pay close attention to what is there), there may be all sorts of valuable gems to be uncovered, such as a glossary of valuable terms, and offering of solutions to issues that your business may be experiencing, a list of resources, anchor text, etc. Other people’s websites potentially hold a great deal of valuable information that you can use to your advantage.
    • Google keywords: The Google keyword tool is a great source for keywords. Additionally, you can put your competitor’s domain name into the tool and it will come up with a list of repeated keywords that are a part of your competitor’s website.
  • Searches on Google: This is another way to have rich keywords revealed to you. It may also come up with some great modifiers that you may not have thought of using.
  •  Conceptually related keywords: This is an excellent way to come up with new information and you should make sure to continue to use the concepts on a regular basis in future searches. If you are able to think in a creative way, the ways in which you search and the information that you are able to uncover are infinite. It really doesn’t matter which search engine you choose to use. Most of them work in the same way and will give you similar results.
  • Make good use of keyword tools: You should make full use of keyword tools for your initial search as well as your keyword expansion search. You can start with the Google Keyword Tool and tap into others as well. Even if they don’t all have the same power as a keyword search tool, the other ones may give you things that you wouldn’t find otherwise. 
  • Pay great attention to your analytics: The analytics must be an important part of your online marketing strategy. The analytics will help you to attract more traffic and convert your online connections to eventual clients. The analytics give you the ability to recognize patterns that will give you a solid idea of how to make adjustments so that you become more successful.


Undoubtedly, keyword searches and advanced keyword searches are both absolutely necessary when it comes to drawing more traffic and turning more and more of your online connections into eventual clients. There are many different searches that can be performed, including vertical searches, which bring tremendous results on many occasions. Advanced keyword searches can also be customized to fit your readers’ needs more closely, which will often produce amazing results and will really make a difference to your business. It is important that you don’t ever become reactive when it comes to improving upon what you already have. It is important to constantly move forward.