There is an impressive new site called Social Mention that you should check out. It offers a good analytic report of the real time buzz associated with a keyword(s) submission. It is a very simple 1-step keyword submit to get the result of a set of buzz metrics such as Strength, Sentiment, Reach, and Passion. It has some other key metrics as well as an aggregation of blog posts and articles that match the keyword.


I think the interface for the input as well as for the analysis/report is top notch and it is a site worth your time if you need some basic reporting tool for WOM or Social Media.

Bottom line — it is not an analytics tool that is going to blow you away with concrete ROI data about WOM or Social Media. But let’s be honest: that level of concrete ROI analysis does not really exist for WOM and Social yet because nobody has really figured it out (…and it is FREE so please no whining from the data nerd herd).


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