Expert Tips to Consider When Choosing a Perfect Office Space


Are you stuck in finding a perfect office space for your business?

Many a time business owners find location to be the main factor to consider when it comes to choosing a perfect office space but cost and size of the office is also another key aspect that you need to look into. These factors are very crucial especially when choosing an office space for your startup. More considerations have to be put forward beforehand but all depends on the nature of your startup. Choosing a wrong location could lead to loss of customers and employees and sometimes could negatively impact the growth of your business. These factors cut across to both business owners who need simple office space or spacious meeting rooms. Below is a compilation of the key factors that a business owner needs to consider when choosing an office space.

  1. Type of your business

Are you planning to start a retail outfit? If yes, then it is essential to find an office space in a town center location with high footfall. You might consider saving costs by choosing an office space outside the center of town especially if your business does not need the kind of high footfall.

For a business that deals with delivery of large volumes of goods accessibility and presence of loading amenities must be a top priority

  1. Do your homework beforehand

After identifying the type of your business, it’s time to do thorough homework so that you are sure the office space you get is what you are looking for and that it will accommodate the type of your business without inconveniencing other operations of your business like loading and offloading of goods especially for a business that deals with large volumes of goods. You should take this step without being rushed and pressured into signing rental agreements. Take your time so that you avoid future headaches.

  1. Business location

This factor goes hand in hand with price. As I have said above choosing the wrong location can lead to loss of customers and employees thus slowing down your business growth. The location you choose should be easily accessible by your clients and employees. Ensure there is enough parking and that the area is accessible to public transit. Avoid going for office spaces that are cheaper since that could mean that the area lacks sufficient security or inaccessible. The cost should be reasonable and affordable. More to that, the office space you choose should be near amenities such as hotels where you and your employees, as well as clients, can go for lunch.

If you are planning to have your office in a central city, it may be worth examining the surrounding areas; this will help to reduce costs yet still get the benefits of an office in an excellent location! For example, if you are planning to get an office in London, check out Loc8 office space in Waterloo and you’ll be sure to find amazing offices at reasonable prices.

Find out to see the nearness of your office to your competitors. Striking the exact balance is very crucial in matters of competition. Ensure you are not too far to your competitors so that you don’t lose out on a certain segment of clients, but avoid being too close to stay away from business pressure and contention.

  1. Legal requirements

Working with a lawyer is more crucial when it comes to signing a lease. A lawyer will protect you from being locked into disagreeable terms. Speak with a lawyer before signing any lease agreements to ensure the agreement works in your favor.


When choosing an office space for your startup, it is advisable to avoid overstretching your budget since you can upgrade your office space as your business grows. Your office space should correspond to your business. If your business is small, choose a small office, you can always scale up as your business grows.