How To Get The Default Stock ROM Back On Your Samsung Android Device

Buying a Samsung device with rooted ROM or switching the Android stock ROM in favor of a custom one is a common enough practice. However, you may find the disadvantages too many with the number of advantages that are getting to enjoy now fading into oblivion slowly but surely. It is time to vote for the default OS now and unroot the one in your device ASAP.  It will certainly give you much pleasure to find that you now have the original firmware back with all the warranty intact. That also get the added advantage of obliterating the issues that you had faced with a customized ROM.

The process of trying to download Stock ROM for All Android phones is easy enough and can be done by yourself, if you are meticulous about following the guidelines and complete the task with the required patience.

Follow the directions below and get your Samsung Android device back to its original form in a jiffy. Good Luck!

What do you need?

Things you need to do before you install the Stock ROM

  • Do a full backup of your device in its present condition. In other words, you need to backup lists for all the texts, contacts, settings as well as the apps currently on your Samsung Android device.
  • Use cloud storage to retain the back up to be used, if required
  • Do remember to install all the USB drivers for your Samsung device on your PC.
  • Make sure to enable the debugging option on your Samsung phone / tablet too
  • It is important to check your battery and charge it fully. You can also proceed with the restoration procedure once your battery is 50% to 70% charged.

Hurrah! Now the procedure begins in earnest!

First things first though. Head over to the official Samsung website and select your device. Download the stock ROM to your desktop or a special folder that you had created for this very purpose. Go ahead and extract the folder now.

The next step is to download the ODIN tool into the same folder. Check to ensure that the Odin.exe file has been extracted in entirety. It is a must have application for flashing the root.

How to Flash?

  • Turn your device off and put it into the download mode by pressing and holding the volume down, power, and home buttons.
  • Opt for the Volume Up sign once you see a warning sign depicting a small triangle on the screen.
  • Double click the odin.exe file and run it.
  • Use an USB cable to connect your PC to your Samsung Android phone / tablet.
  • Check to see whether your device is being recognized by Odin.
  • All is well, once it does and you will soon find an ‘Added’ message
  • It is now time to turn your mind to the firmware package that was downloaded from the Samsung website.
  • Make sure to check the Reset Time & Auto Reboot options before you proceed further.
  • Click on the Start button of the Odin tool and watch the Stock ROM flashing. It might take some time but eventually the installation will be done and you will find a “PASS” message on the Odin App.
  • Your phone restarts once again. You can now safely disconnect your device from the PC.