Once you choose to start your company, you are taking a step to a whole another plane: not only do you become an entrepreneur, but you also start to live, breathe, and dream your business. Every move you make should be inspired by one question: “Is this good for my company?” It will prove to be a steep and challenging path, but if you persist, your business will grow, and you will grow with it as well.

However, to achieve success, some sacrifices must be made. You will say goodbye to your old “stress-free” life and bid hello to days filled with tasks, obligations, and tough decisions. In such new order of things, there is only one way to survive – stay organized.

Create a routine


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You will not achieve success if you are disorganized and you handle everything “on a whim,” which is why creating a routine is paramount. There is a time for work, there is time for family, but there should also be a personal time. Make sure that every morning when you wake up you know: workout at 7 am; at work by 8 am; meetings in the morning; lunch break at noon (no excuses); more work until 6 pm; home by 7 pm. And remember: at least 7 hours of sleep is needed for an individual to be productive 100%.

  • Keep your routine flexible

Even though established routine is a key for the successful day-to-day organization, sometimes you will be forced to change your premade schedule. Keep in mind that your business is most important, so don’t stick to your daily routine religiously. If a suddenly scheduled meeting with a potential investor is taking a “bite” out of your lunch time – either make it business lunch or move your meal an hour or two later. Small adjustments when needed can take you a long way.

  • Set daily goals


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If Benjamin Franklin could, so can you. Every morning he asked himself: “What good shall I do today?” He had clear schedule (daily routine) that included handling daily tasks, no matter what they might be. Similarly to him, you can write down what you plan to do during a day – and tackle it fiercely. Schedule more challenging tasks for the early morning, while simpler, less demanding obligations can be moved to the early afternoon. By reaching desired goals, you will improve your confidence and get a burst of positive energy.

  • Use organizational tools

Your business and your personal life require a certain level of organization. In the past, people used paper calendars and planners. Today, it is all about software solutions. When it comes to the daily planning of your personal life, there are some tools that can help you with that matter. On the other hand, when your business is in question – you should opt for a project management tool. There are different software solutions on the market, and each one of them may or may not suit your needs. The best move may be to make a project management tools comparison and choose the one that fits your company’s requirements.

  • Cut down on unnecessary meetings


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Lengthy and pointless meetings are some of the biggest time wasters of a professional world – that is agreed upon. And while many business leaders of today have given their view on this subject, but only a few have provided comprehensive explanation and actionable tips. In short: request all progress reports to be in writing, and make sure you have meeting agenda well planned and prepared. Opt for early morning standing meetings over coffee, as those are completed more swiftly and efficiently.

  • Get a head start for tomorrow – tonight

If you are lying in bed in the evening, and have scheduled “inbox cleaning” for yourself in the morning – why not do it right away. Extra 15 minutes to half an hour you gain in the morning, you can spend with your kids or pondering about new projects for the future. Even former President of U.S.A. Barack Obama had a habit of staying late in the Oval office, going through the binder of documents he was asked to review from time to time.