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Great Engineering Start-Ups and the Tech They Use

With the economy as challenging as it’s been in the last few years, it’s both an exciting time for new businesses getting their start, and a harrowing one. Established brands lose their grip on long held positions in the market, leaving them open for the up-and-comers, but the same conditions that spelt doom for bigger names apply just as much to new businesses, who don’t have the capital or customer base to weather the shifts in the market without some serious strategizing. Here are some exciting start-ups in the engineering sector.

Auto Repair and Modification

A mainstay of independent business that seems to persist even as high streets are overtaken more and more by chains and empty storefronts. This is a particularly good way for enterprising folk to turn their hobby into a business and to make money with a very specialised set of engineering knowledge. Plus, the tools they need, such as hydraulic jacks, are not overly difficult to acquire.

Those who are particularly confident in their skills can specialise further to repair caravans, farm equipment, or other less conventional motors. This brings a need for more specialised equipment like ratchet jacks, but this too is relatively easy to locate.


The manufacturing business is one that has been receding in many places for a long time now, as the economy has shifted to be ever more focused on the service sector. Increasingly, large scale spaces suitable for manufactory industry are being redeveloped. But there is no such thing as a truly dead industry, and this is one where engineers are essential.

Automation is necessary to meet demand on the kind of scale you can expect in the modern world, and that means designing, refining, and repairing a whole line of machines. Of course, part of this design is how the machines are positioned relative to each other, and the ideal arrangement for working is rarely the same as the ideal arrangement for maintenance, so they’ll want to employ toe jacks, ideal for moving heavy machinery, in addition both manual and digital tools for maintenance and design.

Space Travel

It’s not just a pipe dream; more and more aeronautics companies are trying to branch in this direction, and plenty of entrepreneurs are trying to get a slice of the pie early too. Companies of this kind must likewise design and maintain their own machines, most notably the would be spacecraft themselves, so again a wide variety of hydraulic jacks have potential applications, along with winches for top loading heavy components—rocketry is a fairly vertical science by nature. A challenge that has not been tackled by private enterprise before should be particularly exciting to engineers.