Get a more profit by blogs guest posting

After the phenomenon of blogging took the Internet by storm, a new phenomenon is rising – Guest blogging. It works like this – you write posts which are to be published on the blog of another person. It can be arranged to work both ways, as in, the other blogger may also agree to guest post on your blog.

The opportunities you gain by guest blogging

  • Guest posting is probably one of the easiest and cheapest methods of promoting yourself and your website. In fact, it’s usually free of cost! Posting as a guest for other blogs has quite a few additional advantages, including,

Establishing your reputation in the industry:

  • Getting more exposure for your own site, leading to increased traffic.
  • Increasing the amount of backlinks to your site, which will positively affect your search engine rankings.
  • However, care must be taken to not repeat the same keywords in your post over and over again so as not to be penalized by the search engines.
  • It is also true that the more you do guest posts, the more is your interaction with fellow bloggers who will appreciate the good work and efforts put in by you. This will in turn boost your reputation on the world wide web and open up even more opportunities and avenues for you to explore.


Common guest blogging site categories

Many popular niche sites are always in need of new and quality content and appreciate new or experienced bloggers to share their insights with their huge reader base. Its a win-win situation for both. The popularity of these sites will indirectly work wonders for your own site, online presence and reader base. A backlink from any site ranking high on the search engines like Google and Bing are bound to increase your own site’s page rank. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The phenomenon of guest posting is largely prevalent in the following kinds of blogs,

  • Technology Blogs
  • Web Design Blogs
  • SEO Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Health Blogs

Therefore, getting your post published on any of the popular sites which fall into one of the above categories could prove to be extremely fruitful for you. Most readers appreciate quality and useful content and will not hesitate to visit your site and subscribe to your posts if they see useful posts.

Popular sites inviting guest bloggers

For your comfort, here are links to some prevalent tech online journals who welcome guest posts,

S. No. Blog Google PageRank Alexa Rank
1 Cwgmag 7 201256
2 QaGenius 0 0
3 Parupedia 2 696729
4 Techgyo 3 55253
5 Tevami 4 251983
6 Collegefallout 3 182088
7 Business2community 5 5402
8 Yfsentrepreneur 5 100797
9 Xtendedview 3 86235
10 Webpronews 6 3117

If you are looking to increase your website’s current traffic and readership, and yet still are not posted on other individuals’ websites as a guest, you don’t have much to complain about. Begin guest posting blogs today, and see your impact develop on the internet.