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All students want to have only excellent marks, but it is difficult because execution of all academic assignments takes a lot of time. It may happen so that a student cannot have enough time to fulfill the task. In this case, he or she may use a cheap essay writing service to cope with it. But what a student should do if he or she composed all tasks himself/herself, but nevertheless got a bad mark? Such students may simply be inattentive persons. The situation itself can be corrected with the help of good editing. Therefore, the process of revision is important, though many students neglect it. This article will help you to concentrate on this business.

Checklist for Essay Revisions

So, you have created an essay or any other written project, and you think it is perfect. Here is the list of things which should be checked before you hand the work to professor. The revision process must include the following steps:

  • Proofreading
    • Spelling mistakes are the most noticeable; therefore, they should be checked in the first instance.
    • Grammar mistakes are absolutely prohibited because they show the level of your linguistic competence.
    • Punctuation is also an important point of all written assignments. Wrong punctuation may change the sense of the whole sentence, that is why it must be checked in a proper way.
    • Your word processor certainly has imbedded correction, but you should check everything by yourself because sometimes autocorrection omits some mistakes and typos. To remove them, you must re-read everything once again.
  • Structuring
    • Your text must have the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. All these parts should be clear. It is better than each part takes one paragraph.
    • Where is the thesis sentence in your text? The thesis sentence is a so-called “heart” of your work because it reflects your standpoint concerning the problem highlighted in the assignment. It should be placed in the introduction.
    • Different thoughts expressed in different paragraphs must have transitions. Otherwise, the text will look unfinished.
    • Avoid possible repetitions when you are talking about something more than once.
  • Checking of style and content
    • Evaluate the size of the finished task. Is it enough for your purpose?
    • Mind the tone of narration. Is it suitable to highlighted issues?
    • Remember about examples. Did you give enough examples to illustrate your ideas?
  • Checking your sources
    • Check the list of references at the end of your assignment. Each research paper must have such a list because otherwise, the whole work will be considered plagiarism.
    • Are all sources included in the list?
    • Check the use of quotations in the document.

Hence, this simple checklist can be used for each written work. The last point touches upon research papers, which presuppose a deep investigation of the certain subject and the literature concerning it.

Additional Revision Tips

Certainly, the above-mentioned checklist will help you each time when you are going to revise your own work. But what about the process itself? How to organize it well? Here are some tips for you:

  • Plan your time. The list of things to be checked is large; therefore, revision will take some time. Hence, you must plan your time to manage everything. Usually, a revision takes a half of time spent for writing. Try to start making the task immediately after it was assigned to you; only in this case, you have a chance to finish everything on time.
  • Sleep enough. It is not so obvious but sleep deficit influences your attentiveness very much. Try to have standard eight hours to sleep well; maybe, you will be more attentive then.
  • Read the finished composition. You must read it several times to be sure that everything is on the right place. If you want, you may even read it aloud. By the way, it is a good idea. It will help you to find some incorrect moments in the essay.
  • Ask for help. If you should correct your own text, it will be better to give it to your close friend for revision. In this case, you will kill two birds with one stone. The main advantages of such approach are: another person may look at it with a fresh eye and notice mistakes faster than you. Another advantage relates to the stylistics: your friend may evaluate the entire text from the reader’s point of view. Thus, you will know how to correct it well and make it more readable. This is your main goal to achieve!

All these pieces of advice will help you to make a revision more effectively and quickly. As a consequence, the marks for passed assignments will be higher. You can find more pieces of advice online for your guidance and skill improvement. Use these recommendations as you please!