If money is tight then you might start to think about where cuts can be made. Quite often, businesses review their marketing budget and see it as an easy target – but is this wise? If your business is not marketed, how will potential customers ever know about it? Think of an old-fashioned shop that nobody can find, will it do well?

Today, the presence is more about being online. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need marketing. Being an online business is not the same as having a presence online. Again, you need customers, and traffic. If nobody visits the site, how can you trade?

Do not fret though, there are ways to market your business without spending a fortune, and you may be able to trim that large marketing budget a little after all.But remember if there is no trade, there is no business, so be cautious in making those cuts. Instead review the returns on your investments, if SEO services in the UK cost £1,000 but yield £3,000, that’s money well spent! But if all this is still beyond your means, let’s get back to shoestring marketing!


This may seem like an odd starting point, but people like getting something for nothing. If you team up with partners, you can collectively give away something significant, whilst sharing the cost burden. You will have to share the positive outcomes, but that’s acceptable too.

Giveaways don’t have to be physical either, they can be information or knowledge. Now you may think why should I give away what I took the time to learn for free? Simple, you’ll become known as the authority in your field whenever somebody needs help –and hence future business. So an online blog with video guidance or tutorials will help your traffic see the expertise you hold in the business you provide. Next time they need help, you’ll be the go to person.

If this content is interactive and also allows feedback all the better. The more immersive it is, the more of a following you will build.


Do you know a business that compliments your own – then why not cross refer, be it by link sharing on your sites, or through an agreement. Be careful though as you will be personally judged by the service provided by everyone you “recommend”.

Elsewhere encourage existing or previous clients to recommends friends and family either directly or through your site – by having an honest and detailed customer review section – people will more likely engage after reading positive reviews.

You’ll already have a compiled client email list, through previous customers, used wisely it can be a great lead to future business.

Social Media

Used well it can make you a part of a community – so use it well. It needs constant attention and cannot appear too sales based, but rather use it as a means of again demonstrating what your business excels in.