Crowdfunding seems to be a buzz word in 2012. We've compiled some interested articles to get your crowdfunding juices flowing: 2013 Trend: Customers Will Get in Your Face
Adam Bluestein’s recent Inc. article captures possibly one of the biggest ways crowdfunding will impact business as we know it. Businesses no longer need to just please customers but also look at them as potential investors and some of your biggest brand advocates.

Venture Beat: Achieving Success Through ‘Accidental Entrepreneurship’
In his recent Venture Beat article, Nathan McNeill examines how “accidental entrepreneurs” are often the ones that succeed. By honing in on a problem they’ve experienced personally and engineering a solution to address it, these entrepreneurs often have the tenacity necessary to overcome roadblocks that entrepreneurs often experience. Crowdfunding Named as one of the Top Startup Trends for 2013
In the year ahead, there will be lots of opportunities to move forward with new innovations. Along these lines, Inc.’s Eric Markowitz recently compiled the predictions on where the deals will be for startups and new business lines, provided by leading venture capitalists and startup gurus.

Top Grossing Crowdfunding Projects of 2012
Wonder what campaigns raised the most funds on crowdfunding platforms? Here’s a collection of the five highest-grossing crowdfunding campaigns in 2012.

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