As part of our ongoing effort to provide some much needed educational content around collaboration, we have released another whitepaper on The Common Collaboration Problems that organizations are facing. The purpose of this resource is to explore some of the common challenges that organizations are being faced with, regardless of their industry or company size. Oftentimes when we work with companies they are very interested to know about why other organizations are making these investments and what the possibilities are. It’s a great educational resource that can be shared with your team to help get them thinking in the right direction.

A few weeks ago, we outlined the Business Value of Collaboration by explaining the soft and hard benefits of investing in collaborative tools and strategies. Many organizations are starting to recognize the positive impact that collaboration can have and this is observed in a recent McKinsey report which found that 72 percent of companies are using social technologies in some way.

ImageHowever, companies that are indeed using these tools have yet to reach the full potential and experience the complete benefits. In fact Gartner sites that 80% of all social business efforts will not achieve their intended benefits through 2015.” Therefore, the vast majority are still refining their collaboration methods and approaches. This period of discovery is always met by challenges and these challenges can be major barriers to a success if they are not overcome.

The Common Collaboration Problems white paper highlights the usual challenges we have noticed emerge in multiple companies and industries.  Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”  Reading this resource will provide the knowledge of what these common obstacles are and can place your organization in a better position to properly collaborate as it will be able to prevent problems before they occur.

To find out why organizations around the world are investing in collaborative tools and strategies and what problems they are looking to solve, download the latest whitepaper on the Common Collaboration Problems.