Build trust with consistency.

By blogging consistently, you will build trust.

There is only one big secret to a successful blog, yet it is the place that we fail the most often. The statistics aren’t kind. Most blogs fail after only three months. Why? Because they didn’t do the one thing that matters the most – stay consistent.

It has never been easier to share our ideas with the world. Blogging and social media have made it very easy to publish, but publishing is only the first step. The next step is difficult, and it involves doing the same thing every day for a long period of time, having faith that the rewards will pay off in the long run.

Consistency = Trust

Some call it the social media age, while others may prefer the “age of the customer.” Either way, things have changed and brands need to build trust with their audience more than ever before. People buy things from people they know, like and trust. The same rule applies to a blogger. People read blogs from people they know, like and trust.

Key Idea: Publishing consistently makes you reliable, and that makes you someone that your readers will trust.

Consistency = Traffic

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the more content you publish, the more visits you will receive. There is a direct correlation to consistent publishing and growing traffic. As people learn your publishing schedule, they will become more likely to subscribe to your RSS feed or follow you on Facebook or Twitter. This means that they will be more likely to visit your site multiple times per week. Simple math with results that really pay off.

Key Idea: The more often you publish, the more often people will frequent your site. It is a one-to-many relationship.

Consistency = SEO

Google loves a website with frequent and fresh content. The more you write and publish, the more you create incentives for Google to come back again. It is important always remember that your blog is for both people and robots. Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have bots working overtime to find the latest and greatest content on the web. Every time you publish you throw you name in that hate.

Key Idea: Good blogs get a majority of their traffic from Google. Bottom line? Feed the Google monster.

Consistency = Perfect

We all know that practice makes perfect. What is practicing, but the act of being consistent? Consistency is practice. There is no end to people telling you that you need to be creating “high-quality” content. While there are many small tweaks and tips that will help you move towards great blogging, the easiest is to just practice more. Train yourself to be great. Any blogger will tell you that when they started, they weren’t really that great. Their paragraphs were too long, their headlines weak, and their ability to connect to the reader was poor. This means that in the beginning your writing will be worse than ever. Hey, the only direction you can go is up right?

Key Idea: Keep writing. Keep practicing. You will get better, and as you do your blog will grow.

Consistency = Authority

Blogging allows you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert. It is important to keep in mind that the term “expert” doesn’t mean you know more about something than anyone else. Rather, it simply means that you know more about a subject than the average person. This means that others will turn to you for advice and counsel. Consistency on your blog will increase your authority for your reader, and your confidence as a writer. Just think of the what your readers will think when they visit a site with several hundred quality posts, rather than just a few.

Key Idea: As you get better, your authority when writing will also grow. Authority depends on consistency.

Consistency = Content

Write every once and awhile for three months, and you’ve made good progress, but write every day for a year, and you’ll make a dent in the universe. I promise that you will be amazed at the mountain of content you’ll have at your disposal. This great content can be put to good use. It will provide a starting point for other types of content, like an ebook or a video podcast.

Key Idea: Once your ideas are on paper (or screen) you can mix and match them to create additional touch points for your audience.

How often should I publish a blog post?

The number of weekly blog posts depend upon the stage (or age) of your blog. If you are just getting started, consistency probably means that you are publishing something unique and new at least three times per week. If you are in an industry with heavy competition, five to seven times per week is probably more appropriate. This may sound like a lot, but remember, the faster we build our blog, the faster we will reach many of the consistency goals outlined the in this post.

How can I become more consistent?

You must first decide that consistency is a priority for your blog. There are a lot of things during the day that can distract; there will always be fires to put out. We need to learn to trust in the power of online content and what it can do for our audience. If we don’t trust the process, it will be difficult to get results.

Also, remember that a blog isn’t the fastest way to build traffic and audience growth – don’t start watching your analytics from day one. Blog traffic is one of the best types of traffic you get in the long run. You’ll build your audience slowly, with consistency, and achieve something that most marketing and advertising methods only dream of – trust. Blogging is channel that builds trust with your audience, and consistency is the ONLY way to get it done.