LinkedIn company pages have seen a steady amount of development over time, but the most recent revamp rolled out in early October was perhaps the biggest shift since the pages debuted in December 2011. Pages now feature status updates, comments, likes, shares, followers and cover images – similar to pages on both Facebook and Google +.

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AT&T Company Page with Cover Photo on LinkedIn

Also, pages now have dedicated areas for Products and Services, Careers (a paid option when listing in LinkedIn) and basic page and follower insights provided to the administrators. While much of this existed in previous iterations, the new layout is a big step forward for an otherwise stodgy user interface.

A host of third-party social media tools, including HootSuite, will allow you to post status updates directly to your company page. But if you’re serious about lead generation among your followers on LinkedIn, I’d like to introduce you to the status update targeting options available for your posts.

That’s right – the same functionality that we’re all excited about within Facebook has been available on LinkedIn company pages for quite a while.

Here’s how to target your status updates within the new LinkedIn page format.

Head over to your LinkedIn company page where you are listed as an administrator. You’ll notice a peach-colored box at the top encouraging you to update your status.

Type up your status update in the box provided. LinkedIn page status updates can include URLs to images, videos – and you have up to 500 characters to share your news.

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At the bottom of the status update box, you’ll notice a drop-down menu that allows you to tailor your update to a specific market.

This, my friends, is where the magic happens. Because while a fair share of us are still waiting for geographic and other targeting options in Facebook, LinkedIn has got you covered.

LinkedIn company page status update target followers

You can target your posts by:

  • Employee vs non-employee – Your coworkers will thank you – they can do without the latest pre-sales seminar.
  • Company size – Especially helpful if you have an offer for small business clients.
  • Industry – Separate out marketing pitches by specific verticals.
  • Function – Select up to 10 professions within companies to target.
  • Seniority – Target followers based on their duration within a company (great potential here for continuing education marketing collaterals, not to mention headhunting for new talent).
  • Geography – Perhaps the most obvious advantage – offer webinar updates at the correct times, target products and services to specific markets, and use general targeting to tailor localized campaigns in various languages.
With such a powerful tool at hand, it’s hard to believe you’ll ever want to auto-schedule another post through a third-party tool.