Content is the most important real estate on a website. It is even more important on blogs. Publishing new content frequently is essential to run a successful...";
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Content is the most important real estate on a website. It is even more important on blogs. Publishing new content frequently is essential to run a successful blog. Those who publish regularly, realise that finding new topics to write about constantly can be very challenging.

Here are the first ten of 30 great content ideas for your bog. I hope you will find it useful. The remaining content ideas will be covered in part 2 of this post tomorrow.

1. Instructional Content

Create tutorials or “how to” guides to publish on your website or blog. Choose topics that your audience are likely to find useful.

2. List Posts

List posts such as “Top 5 Apps” or “6 Great Web Design Example” tend to be very popular among readers. They are more appealing and easy to research. See image of a typical daily stats on this blog. List posts feature extensively on the list.

Great Blog Content- List Posts

3. Create a Blog Post Series

You can create a blog post series for in-depth topics. Write an introduction post and interlink you posts properly. It gives you the opportunity to create multiple posts and leverage maximum SEO benefits whilst being able to cover a topic in detail. Blog post series also promotes loyalty, revisits and increased page-views as if it is useful, readers are likely to read through the entire series.

4. Start an Email Series

Start an email tutorial series on a topic related to your niche.  It is very similar to creating a blog post series except the fact that content is delivered by email. You can use an auto-responder service to automate the series. You will also get to build your email list.  Create a compelling blog post to promote your series.

5. Create eBook

You can easily combine your existing blog posts into an eBook which will not only save you time but also offer an excellent opportunity to leverage and re-use your best content. E-Books also act as link-bait.

See image below of a simple e-book I created on my website has attracted over 1,500 links to my website which has in-turn improved my search engine rank.

Great Blog Content  - Ebooks

6. Create Videos

Not all videos are created by professionals and edited in a studio. You can create an equally valuable video with your web cam talking about an issue or covering a topic on interest to your audience. You can convert some of your popular blog posts into videos with the help of screen-capture tools such as Snagit or Camtasia.

7. Create Slide-show/Presentations

Powerpoint presentations and content slide-shows are being used increasingly on websites. Certain types of content including in-depth blog posts are ideal for conversion to presentation format. Free services such as slide-share, specially designed for this, offer a great way to serve your presentations professionally.

8. Create a Resource

Create a useful resource such as template or an app. These also act as great link bait and can attract tons of back-links. You can also write blog posts to promote the resource, thereby generating a range of new content around your resource whilst getting extra exposure for the resource.

9. Statistical Analysis of Popular Data

Statistics are another type of content that is popular among readers. Dan Zarella has create an entire blog and made a name for himself by monitoring and analysing Twitter and Facebook data and writing about it. I too have used his data effectively in my posts e.g. Twitter Stats You Can Use To Become Popular.

10. Write Reviews

Write reviews on other blogs, products, books, software or other products that are relevant to your niche or your audience. Reviews are popular on the Internet, searched many times by users and contribute towards building your expertise in your field.


Bloggers who publish regularly often acknowledge the challenge of continuing to come up with ideas to write about. Whether you are an experienced blogger or someone looking to start a blog, the tips discussed in this article will help you to find great content ideas for your website or blog. We'll share more ideas in our next article.