Conversion rate i.e. the process of generating leads via the website is one of the main objectives for any business website. Improving conversion rate is essential for the success of a business online.

What is Conversion Rate?

In internet marketing, conversion rate refers to the rate at which casual website visitors are converted into potential leads for a business. On a website, this includes people who buy your products, make an enquiry, sign-up to your email list, and more.

How to Boost Conversions on Your Website?

Businesses are constantly working towards increasing conversions. A good strategy requires constant analysis and testing new methods to see how it impacts conversion. Here are few ways to help get you started.

1. Offer An Incentive

Offering an incentive in return for a lead is one of the most widely used techniques for driving conversions online. The perfect example of this is found on many blogs where visitors are encouraged to provide their email in order to download a free eBook or another useful content resource. The same principle can be applied to any other type of lead capture on your company’s website. This is one of the most effective ways to grow your email list fast.

Increase Conversion Rate - Incentivise

2. Emphasize Urgency

Everyone likes a good deal. Tying in your lead generation with time based offers is a very effective way to motivate visitors and boost conversions. Time based offers create a sense of urgency and encourages visitors to take prompt action. Deadlines can also help to attract attention and can make the offer more appealing.

Boost Conversions - Special Offers

3. Use Attention Grabbing Headlines

Make sure to include an attention grabbing headline or tagline to boost lead generation on your website. Most business websites include many element and catchy headlines helps to grab the attention of visitors and puts focus on your lead capture elements, whether it is a sign-up form or a call to action button or link.

Increase Conversion - Get Attention

4. Use Compelling Call-To-Action

Call to action is a button, link or form on a website that encourages users to perform a desired action. The following call to action tips can help boost conversions:

  • Clearly labeling your call to action to highlight the benefits
  • Good colour coding of buttons
  • Well designed Web forms
  • Prominent placement, preferably above the fold
  • Use descriptive buttons that state clearly what visitors are being asked to do e.g. “Download the eBook” or “Join the Webinar” instead of generic terms such as Submit or Register. See image below.

Increase Conversion - Call to action

5. Take Advantage of Landing Pages

Creating dedicated landing pages are vital to the lead capture process and are a very effective way to maximise conversions. In spite of its benefits, many businesses fail to take advantage of this. A dedicated landing page offers the opportunity and space to provide detailed information and highlight the benefits. It also makes it easier to promote the incentives.

There are many instances where a landing page can be useful. For example, if you use PPC campaigns like Google Adwords, it is better to divert traffic to a custom landing page than your homepage. Similarly, a simple email sign-up form in your sidebar may work for standard email newsletter registrations but if you are offering a webinar or an email series, then a dedicated landing page with your sign-up form may produce better results.

Boost conversions - Use Landing Page

 6. Simplify Your Lead Capture Process

Websites that have a simplified process to generate leads usually have the best conversion rates. No one likes to read through lengthy content or go through multiple steps in order to register or complete a form on a website. The number of form fields plays a vital role in determining conversions. How users navigate through the steps, legible content, font size, language used, the design and number of fields in sign-up form – all play an important role in determining your conversion rate.

Increase Website Conversions - Simplify

7. Use Visual Cues

Visual Cues are a great way to grab the attention of website visitors and used successfully on many websites to improve conversions. Take a look at the example below where a simple circle around the link helps focus reader’s attention to the call to action link on the page.

Boost Converssion Rate - Visual Cues

Another great example is directional cues such as arrows which offer a simple yet powerful way to direct the attention of visitors towards the  lead capture elements on your website or for highlighting the benefits. This in-turn encourages visitors to take action, resulting in more leads for your business. Take a look at the example below.

Boost Conversion Rates - Arrows

The ability to generate leads is an essential characteristic of a professional website. The success of your business depends on it. The simple methods above can prove very effective for increase website conversions.

What About You?

How do you generate leads on your website? Do you use any of the methods above? We would like to hear from you. Please add your response by leaving a comment below.