‘When I’m thinking of reporting, I want to cry….’ ‘Reporting makes me crazy’. ‘I hate reporting’.

If you think in the same way when you are thinking about reporting, so welcome to the club of reporting haters! I hope you realize that it’s not good to experience similar emotions. And it’s clear that the reason you don’t understand how to make reporting effective and amazing at the same time. But I know how to eliminate these sad thoughts from your heads.

Reporting Is Your Everything!

Why is reporting so essential for your business? If your company is still growing, surely you have a lot of problems with UX. The more customers you have, the more channels, different devices, browsers are engaged. And it causes multiple troubles. To find exceptionally good business solutions to fix the problems you are in need of prompt data. If your online store is built on Magento 2, there is an effective reporting tool. Would you like to know what I’m talking about?

Reporting process may be funny. This is the main concept which has served as a basis for Magento 2 Advanced Reports by Aheadworks. It contains 17 reports to monitor sales during the time, differentiate them due to categories and products. Each of them is equipped with a drill down option to see data in details.

Don’t be afraid of such great number of the reports! They have visual graphs for you to draw out tendencies within each report. Moreover, here you may find interactive charts with markers and numerous characteristics provided. It makes work with reports easy and amazing.

Use Reporting To Make Data-Powered Business Decisions!

You have enormous data just because you think they may be helpful. You think that is never too much and accumulate data. AND THEN WHAT? You need a tool to get the information available right.

The Advanced Reports for Magento 2 by Aheadworks has everything to generate dedicated reports to arrange your store operation in a reasonably productive way without making you crazy. Not to be unsubstantiated I propose you to overview five foremost reports included in the extension to make your life easier.

Sales Overview Report

It is the primary report that you should inspect carefully to explore the direction you store moves. It’s enough to look at sales figures to give an overall picture what’s going on.  You may be pleased to know that this report is equipped with Average order and item price calculation.

Traffic and Conversions Report

This is the second report that seems to be the most important. If your sales are low and your ‘Sales Overview’ report makes you feel bad, it’s high time to look at your conversions and traffic numbers. What is the most valuable you may see conversion by period, product and product conversion over the time and you see exactly what goes wrong?

Abandoned Carts Report

If reporting makes store owners crazy, abandonment makes them heartbroken.The abandoned carts mean you have revenue lost. And what do you know about abandoned carts in general? This report allows you to find out how many abandoned carts you have and whether it’s a real point to sound the alarm and following-up mailing. Track abandonment rate and try to generate great ideas to do it as little as possible with this report.

Customer Sales Report

The customer segmentation is always a good idea when we are talking about ecommerce. It’s a unique possibility to trace how much you earn on a certain customer category. You may see these stats over a definite time period. Actually while looking at those customers who don’t make huge profits, you may ginger them up via promos. In general, this report is a helpful way to frame a big-time loyalty program.

Sales By Payment Type Report

The payment issue continues to be timely and relevant. The more payment gateways you are able to provide, the higher the likelihood that you customers will be satisfied. You know that multiple payment ways make your customers happier to some extent. And in these terms, you are to know what benefit you get from this option included. The truth you will have to light up some of them to have the revenue.

Let’s take stock. Each your business decision should be data-based. This is the only way to make these decisions effective.Admittedly, it’s like a shot in the dark when you ignore reporting and generate unfounded business solutions. While considering the information mentioned below, it’s not difficult to get your head around what types of reports you need to run a business to the best advantage. Finally, let’s give an outline of the most significant issues related reporting!

  • To report your conversion rate is your primary task. Conversion shows you how many your visitors are turning into your consumers. Surely, the nearest and dearest hope of each merchant is that the conversion rate is constantly increasing. To provide this constant growth it is critical to have conversion report before your eyes.
  • To report the average order value is also a matter of the highest priority. It allows you to forecast your revenue. Hope your forecast will be more precise than the weather forecast which we see daily on our television screens! Sales overview report points you towards what marketing-oriented steps should be implemented to boost your revenue.
  • To report your abandonment rate is an unpleasant but obligatory duty. Like it or not, if you have a store, you will have to be face to face with abandonment. The less number of carts abandoned, the less money you lose. Abandoned carts are the most evident and wake-up call to action. And a prompt report on abandonment will assist you in the best possible manner.

These are three main reports you should be focused on. But what if there are 17 reports available in one extension? It’s possible to define this plugin as the universal tool for making consistent business decisions. Moreover, the report generation of even a heavy-orders store takes the record-low amount of time. The reports are interconnected and you may trip over them just in a click.

The more reports you have, the more overwhelming your business pattern you have to play with data available and produce brilliant ideas. Keep your business at the highest level and do not despise reporting that can be easy and fun!