Since earlier this year I've been blogging on women business leadership stories.   The central character is either running, managing, operating, founding or evangelizing a business with a growth component.   Typically there is a great takeaway, and to that end this post will be no different.

Image Recently, a friend, Bastien Beauchamp, founder of the Bees Awards, asked me if I'd seen or had heard of a good example of an email - social media campaign which struck me as being truly outstanding.  I told him about an offer I'd recently received from a company called Tea Collection: designers of globally-inspired clothing for kids and moms.  The offer came to me in an email, though it was also offered directly through Facebook to the fans of Tea Collection.

[Elias plays in this printed shirt designed by Tea Collection ]

Not only was the offer a terrific one (vote for your favorite item and we'll offer the highest rated items from our catalog per category at 75% off retail price for 1 day), but it worked incredibly well - according to Lauren Uppington, VP of Ecommerce and Stores for Tea Collection. Almost too well!

"We are in a constant learning process, you learn every day.  This promotion provided some good learning."  And she went on to say that the promotion was far more successful than they had imagined.  The force multiplier, from email to Facebook, took hold and Tea's customers - who are mostly working moms and non-working moms - consumed the offer like kids snatching up warm chocolate chip cookies.

Tea Collection is a story of a gazelle - a high growth fast successful company - that has been recognized by Inc.Magazine three years and counting (this year's Inc. rankings will be out in Inc.'s September, 2010 issue).  And for all the right reasons, expect to see Tea Collection again this year, 2010, as a high achiever on the Inc. 5000 list.  According to a recent Press Release:

Tea Collection ranks 1054 on the 2009 Inc. 5000 with three‐year sales growth of 293%. Tea
ranks #71 in the Top 100 Consumer Products & Services and #41 in the Top 100 Business in the
San Francisco Bay Area. This is the third year in the row Tea Collection has been honored by

Further to the story, Tea Collection's co-founders are two women: Emily Meyer and Leigh Rawdon, who are today the company's Chief Creative Officer and CEO, respectively.  Lauren Uppington (quoted above), and Laura Boes, VP of Design and Product Development comprise the all-women management cast at Tea Collection and each one has a terrific story about their journey to this next big thing, Tea.

In speaking with Lauren Uppington, it is clear that the company sees customer engagement through social media channels rapidly transforming their business trajectory and positioning the company for another renaissance and undoubtedly more fast growth.  "Being authentic" is what the company holds steadfast in its social behavior and according to Uppington, "Every customer relations colleague who answers the phone has great brand moment and professional opportunity [to lead by example]."

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