Market Your Small Business Without Going Broke

When you start your own small business, whether you are blogging for other people’s businesses or creating natural skincare items to sell online and at local stores, you need to do all you can to market your business. However, as a small business it’s pretty likely you’re working with limited funds, and not all marketing is free. You don’t want to be seeking debt counseling and consolidation within the first year of launching your business because you didn’t make a good marketing plan, do you?

Marketing and advertising don’t have to cause you to go broke. There are some great free options, especially in the virtual world, for marketing. You can also find great deals online for your marketing materials you use in person. Here are some tips.

Look For Free Places To Market

Social media offers a way to market your business for free. You just need to get people to your pages and get them to “follow” or “like” them. These are not always easy tasks, and once you get them there you need to figure out how to keep them around and keep them interested.

The main keys are to not post too much and to not post too little. Updating two or three times a week, on any social media site, is a wise plan. You don’t want people to feel spammed by your posts, but you also don’t want to take so long between posts that they forget you exist.

Never Turn Down A Deal

Whether it’s a discount to upgrade your website or a coupon to give you half off a Facebook “boost,” take it if you can use it. The morning money you save on your marketing campaign, the more money your business has pushing them up and out of the red.

You should also be looking for deals. Don’t just go with the first printing company you find for brochures and business cards, and don’t just assume that a DIY approach will be cheaper.Shop around and find the best price.

Always Have A Plan

Never jump directly into marketing your business or a new product/service without making a marketing plan ahead of time. You need to map out what type of marketing you want to do, online, offline, or both. You need to know what you need for this campaign and how much money it’s going to cost, if there is any.

You might even want to consider using a crowdfunding campaign, not just to make money but as a way to reach a wider audience. Crowdfunding campaigns that allow you to give incentives are a great way to get your name and your products out there. People donate and you send them the new product they’re helping to launch.