How SMBs can save Money by Choosing Cloud Solutions


The word cloud computing is creating quite a buzz these days and although many large corporations are making the best use of it very few small business are making the switch and benefiting from this.There are two main reasons for this, lack of awareness about the benefits of cloud computing and lack of knowledge on how to switch to cloud solutions from traditional setups. So let’s take a look at the benefits and how those can save money for SMBs.

Low Price and the Flexibility in Pricing

Low pricing is one reason why cloud based solutions are very appealing to SMB’s. Most cloud based software provides a free version and in most cases it is more than enough for a small business. A good example is a social media dashboard like Hootsuite. It’s free version for individuals is usually more than enough for a SMB’s which usually has one person handling social media. A very popular task manager like Asana also offers a free version up to 30 person teams. Most SMB’s can get by fine with these free versions.

If you need to pay for something then most cloud services offers monthly subscription, credit based payments and various other payment schemes. So instead of paying hundreds of dollars upfront for some software or service you can monthly as long as you use it.

As a Visio alternative we compete with Microsoft and our flexible pricing structure is one area where we manage to hook in many customers.

Low or No Maintenance Costs

The beauty of cloud solution is you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything. You just log into the website and start doing your work straightaway. You don’t have to worry about constant updates or upgrades because they will be done automatically without you even noticing them. This is perfect for small business owners who want to focus on their business rather than spend their time sorting out technical issues.

For medium sized business owners this offers flexibility. Because cloud based software don’t rely on the operating system it doesn’t matter if your employees are using Windows, Mac OS or Linux. As long as they have access to a modern browser you can use the software.

Anywhere Access and Online Collaboration

With cloud solutions employees get access to software from anywhere in the world making it easy for them to work from home or client sites. This increases the productivity and encourages employees to work from home. Studies have shown that on average employees report additional 3 days’ work per month if they have access to relevant software and files from home.

Online collaboration is another benefit that comes with cloud computing. You can share documents online with co-workers, clients or partners and work together with them to finalize the document. If the cloud solutions provider has real-time collaboration, this becomes even better because you instantly see the changes made by each other. This leads to less confusion and more productive time which saves money overall for the company.

Mentioned above are some main ways SMB’s can save money with cloud solutions. Some SMB’s understand the value of cloud computing but reluctant to move because they lack the knowledge to switch from existing systems to cloud computing. You can start by switching the simple tasks and then moving the complex ones. Most cloud computing companies will be very happy to help you make the switch.

If you’re still on the fence hesitating to make a decision go ahead and give them a try, you are sure to see some benefits.

About the Author: Nishadha Silva is an online strategist working for Cinergix, makers of diagram software Creately. Visit the website to experience an award winning diagram software for free.

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