Do not close the door on Social Media - StrategyOn Monday this week, I was invited to a Network Event hosted by Porfolio Exec (I would recommend any professional based in the North West to Join) where Neil Pickstone of Volcanic (a digital agency specializing in Social Marketing) gave a great presentation on:

Why Companies need to incorporate Social Media into their overall Business Strategy.

Back in January 2011, I posted the following article regarding Social Media: The boss who says: Our Industry Doesn’t Have Any Reason to be in Social Media. and around the same time posted a page Our Industry Doesn’t Have Any Reason to be in Social Media.

With reference to these articles I thought I would update two videos which emphasis  The rise of informal and organic networks, the proliferation of 140 character conversations, and mobile status updates gives everyone new vehicles to share opinions and insights. Often these opinions and insights are not based on hard facts, but one fact is certain – blogs, communities, social networking sites and micro-blogs enable anyone to contribute to an endless and organic conversation taking place in cyberspace.

@equalman/@ekutsko new video showcasing what technology will replace this digital decade. From checkbooks to car keys. Leaders will also be replaced by new Digital Leaders

This video empathizes that fact that whatever Market Segment you are targeting they are using Social Media.

In the UK think SAGA

Boomers have over $3 trillion in disposable income.
85% of people 50+ use social media, and 32% of social media users are 45+ The majority of 39-75 year olds say the phone and computer are the devices they use the most to communicate with friends and family.

75% of 39-75 year olds say they use smartphones and 54% use the computer as the devices they use most often to communicate. Smartphone owners age 55-64 up 86% to 6.5 million and those age 65+ accounted for 4.4 million, up 127%. Facebook users 55+ grew 10x in the past 3 years. 1 million 55+ Facebook users in 2009 compared to 10 million in 2012.)

Boomers are using dating sites more than any other age group — up 39% in the last 3 years. That’s over 4 million members! The No. 2 group? Singles 45 to 54.

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In the real world, we all know the Restaurant review scenario, a good recommendation will be heard by 10 people a bad review will be heard by 100 people, the same can happen in cyberspace (multiplied by 100), and how you resolve these issues will decide how successful your business is.