You have taken the first stepImage by making the positive decision to become an online entrepreneur. There is a lot of work ahead just as there is in developing any business, although, a lot of this can be out sourced and it is worth it because the rewards can be tremendous when an online business is successful.

Hopefully this article will give you a framework for what needs to be done to make money online and get your internet business up and running. But, one thing that I want to stress from the outset is that a real internet business is not some get rich quick scheme and it will take time before you see a real return on your investment. If you are not a patient person then this is probably not the best business model for you to follow, but if you are patient then there is the potential to make lots of money.

Getting a business started online requires some of the same business principles that need to be adopted in a traditional business for it to be successful.

1. A niche Market of People that require a product or service.
2. A Product or service That Fills Their Need
3. An outlet Where They Can Find the Product or Service (Your Website)
4. A Way of Letting That Market Know You Have The Product
5. An Offer
6. A Way to Deliver the Product
7. A Way For Your To Get Paid.

Let’s go through these one by one:

1. A Market of People Interested In Buying Something.
You could have the best product or idea in the world, but if nobody in the marketplace has a need for it right now then it will be very difficult for you to make money from a website and your online business will probably fail without a significant marketing budget. You don’t want to have to create interest in your product. That is an uphill battle as people don’t really like to be sold to or convinced of anything. You want to simply want to find the customers who are already looking for a product or a solution and be there for them at the right place and the right time.

One of the most difficult things for most people who want to set up an online business is to think of a money making idea for their business, or to identify the market that they want to focus on. Or some people go to the opposite end of the spectrum and decide that they want to offer to much and almost find themselves in a position where they are competing with the likes of Amazon (not a good idea)! To find the best market you need to look at several factors: What is popular? What are people buying these days? Do any of those things stick out as a market you might want to be involved in? Once you have identified some markets that interest you, try to think of new product that you could introduce and sell on-line or alternative look for other peoples products to sell on their behalf (this is known as affiliate marketing). Golf is a popular sport with millions of people and has a high search demand on the internet. Can you see yourself selling a downloadable guide to a better gold swing? Have you battled and beaten depression or any other emotional problem? Could you see yourself giving an online instructional course on how others can do the same? Weight loss is always popular, can you see yourself selling a guide to that? Baby toys are also popular, can you see yourself selling those? Think of things you, your friends and family already need, enjoy and pay money for. These may give you idea for your first website niche which will help you to make money online.

Think about what you can do to help people fulfill their needs and wants. Use a research tool like Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery, or recruit a specialist to help you identify what people are actually interested in and are currently searching for in large numbers on the internet. Finally, type the main keywords that relate to that product into Google and check out the competition. Don’t worry if you find some, it’s actually better to have some competition because it helps to confirm that there is a market for your proposed offering. Once you’ve found a market that meets all these criteria you’ve found a healthy market where you can make money with your website.

2. Find a Product That Fills the Need.
Just because you need a product to sell doesn’t necessarily mean that you must create one. Some people make a good living selling other people’s products on the internet and earning a percentage of the sale. You can promote other peoples’ information products and receive high commissions from a website called or you can find a good drop shipper and sell almost any physical product you can imagine and they will dispatch it for you, this means that you do not need to hold any stock.

Of course, you will always have more unique business opportunities with your own product. Here’s one easy way to create an information product in no time at all.

Take a look at Yahoo Answers and see if you can find questions that people are asking over and over again. Is there some particular piece of information that the market really needs right now and it isn’t being supplied? Maybe it’s for example, how to get gum out of your hair, or how to make money from foreclosures. Either of these subjects could become the basis for an information product like an ebook, which people can buy and download from your website. You can write it yourself if you know the answer or you could source it and have someone write the book for you. Convert the document to PDF and you’ve got an information product that the market potential needs. Later you can learn how to convert your written content into an audio or video product that people will pay even higher prices for.

3. Make Money from a Website.

It’s not impossible, but it’s difficult to make money online without a website. If you don’t know how to code Html and build a search engine friendly website then you can hire someone like High Impact who does to build one for you. Having a website means you’ll need to go out and purchase a domain name and hosting as well.

What should be on your website?

If you are selling physical products be sure to prominently feature pictures of your products. The pictures often sell themselves and improve the sales conversion significantly. If it’s an information product you’re selling you will want to get yourself some slick sales copy. This means text on your site that get’s the visitor in the buying mood. A sales letter is the tool of choice to encourage your web visitors to click on the “Buy Now” button. You can find sales letter templates online for a descent price to get you started. A promotional video might be even more effective if used in conjunction with the sales letter, if it looks and sounds professional it can encourage people to spend more time on your website and potentially by your product if demonstrated well .

4. A Way of Letting That Market Know You Have The Product
This is science of getting visitors (traffic) to your website. There are many ways to do this, but the trick is not to be overwhelmed with all the different ways. You can try and learn them yourself, however, for your new venture it is probably best to work with an expert and learn from them. The main ways to gain website traffic are: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertizing, Blogging/Pinging or Joint Ventures. There are many ebooks and articles like this one available online that can teach you these skills and many of them are free. Seek them out and start reading, learning and applying.

5. An Offer
You’ll need to develop a clear offer that you will make to your web visitors. This simply means developing a clear way to describe what your product is and how much it will cost your web visitor to buy it. See what kind of pricing strategy your competition is using and make yours better, with an improved price point, more features, added value or special offers.

6. A Way For you To Deliver the Product
This will depend on whether your product is digital or physical and also whether you are promoting your own product or if you are an affiliate marketer. Drop shipping is one method that can take the headache of delivery out of your hands. If you are selling digital products (downloadable video or ebook) you can simply configure your Paypal account to send the customer to a custom page where the product is available for download. To prevent buyers who haven’t paid from finding your download page you might consider using a product called DL Guard or changing the name of the download file frequently.

7. A Way For Your To Get Paid.
Paypal is a wonderful way for you to get paid especially when selling digital or physical products. Upgrade to a “Merchant’s Account” so that your customers can pay without having a Paypal account of their own. You will need to create a “Buy Now” Button for whatever product you’re selling.

Finally, being able to make money online requires dedication, it takes some people years to perfect, others a lot less. The most important thing to remember is to get started, ever day that goes past is a potentially lost sale! This article only includes the basic building blocks and if you want to get started quickly and effectively then don’t waste time and start working with a professional who has the knowledge that you don’t. If you don’t have the budget to work with a professional then keep taking action, learning and tweaking your methods until your internet business works. If you get stuck then contact us for assistance, if not, then good luck and much success!

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