It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise – and fake credentials are just one of the many ways that recruiters are often misled. This is one reason why proper license checks and credentials are important when hiring a new employee. But recruitment teams often have so many applications to handle that they often struggle getting them done. There are luckily online tools available, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to confirm credentials. Not only will you save time but it will also allow you to compile a short list of qualified candidates.


Fraudulent Resumes

If you are part of an HR team you might not be aware of the fact that a certain percentage of these applicants will lie about their background, experience or qualifications. According to a professor at the University of Chicago, research suggests that as much as 50 percent of job applicants provide false information on their resumes. Cover letters have a reputation for being filled with over-exaggeration and often blatant lies – which is why it is essential to know what to look for.

There are many reasons why you should confirm credentials, including:

  • Certain professional licenses are only valid in specific states, so ensure that your chosen candidate is licensed for your particular state.
  • You need to be aware of any lawsuits, malpractice past reviews or complaints regarding your applicant, prior to hiring him or her.
  • Find out about any prior tax issues or even convictions.

These are just some of the reasons why HR teams and business owners would want to check for the accuracy of credentials. It’s a good idea to confirm this before you shortlist any applicants, so that you are prepared for all applicants and know that you will hire someone who are suitably qualified with verifiable credentials.

Checking for Licences

You can follow many routes when checking for license credentials – the most common method used to include a trip to a few license offices but with modern technology, this is no longer needed. You can now simply do an online license search with a tool like License Direct, so that you can have access to millions of accurate records to verify credentials with. Not only is an online search extremely easy and time-saving, but you will get accurate results as these searches are connected to state government agencies. These license databases are maintained on a regular basis, making them accurate.

Lorien is an entrepreneur, avid blogger and writer for License Direct, providing a central license search for more than 20 million registered professionals across the United States. Connect with her on Google+.