office space

The layout of the office space is among the top factors that affect your employees’ productivity. The space sets the mood in your office and influences interactions among employees. Most large companies have been moving from the closed office setups to open working spaces. The change is meant to encourage collaboration among employees. The need to customize your office space for maximum productivity is greater when working from shared office space.

Coworking is a cost-effective and an easy way to get office space for your business. However, shared spaces are characterized by constant disruptions that may affect your employees’ performance. Here are some creative ways to plan your office space for improved productivity.

Consider the nature of work of your employees

The welfare of your employees should be on top of your list when searching for and planning your office space. Your employees handle your clients daily. Their productivity represents the performance of your business. Consider the nature of their work when planning the space. For instance, you may opt for an open setup if their work requires constant collaborations or interactions.

Employees can easily consult and hold discussion even without leaving their desks in an open office layout. If the nature of work requires focus and concentration for long hours, a closed setup is ideal for your business. You can have both setups in one place depending on the size of the office space.

Consider your technological needs

What type of equipment or machinery does your business require? You need to create enough space for all equipment. Consider the number of employees that need to use each machine and the location of their workstations. It should be easy for each employee to access the equipment like walk in coolers without disrupting other employees. One of the benefits of renting shared office space is that your employees have access to all equipment like kitchen with full restaurant equipment.

The equipment in coworking spaces is often located a distance from your rented space, which gives your employees enough room to work. If you rent dedicated office space, ensure that all necessary devices and systems are installed in the space. For instance, your employees will require fast and reliable internet connections to complete their tasks fast. For shared spaces, install any missing systems and connections that are necessary for your business.

Check the lighting at each workstation

The lighting in any room has a great effect on its outlook and mood. Well-lit office spaces are better than darker spaces. Choose an office with direct access to the sunlight where possible. Relying on natural light during day is not only cost-effective but also better for your employee’s comfort. Place the desks and seats in a way that employees can access enough light. Ensure that the position has no reflections that may affect their sight or ability to work.

Choosing an office space with many windows is good for lighting and air conditioning especially in hot seasons. If you cannot access natural light, you can create the same atmosphere with modern lighting systems.

Eliminate any clutter in the space

Working from a cluttered space makes you feel as if you mind is cluttered as well. Consider the storage facilities in an office space before renting. If you must move in to a space with no storage, create storage units as soon as you move in. You will not spend a fortune on storage space. Simple lockers or shelves will eliminate the piles of paper on your employees’ desk.

Adopt a paperless office where possible and train your employees to keep their desks clean. Clutter includes unused seats and chairs in the space. Create an additional workstation when you must to avoid a crowded space. You can put away unused workstations until you hire new employees. Hire reliable garbage collection and cleaning services to ensure that your space is clean at all times.

Consider the ergonomics of the working space

Before renting coworking space, check the ergonomics of the seats and tables. Consider the same when buying furniture for a new office space. Your employees will spend hours sat at their desk for several days a week. Sitting on the wrong chair or at the wrong table causes backaches and neck pains. You may have to replace your old furniture with ergonomic choices but the investment is worth.

Prioritize your employee’s comfort and well-being when looking for office space or furnishing new space. One way to assess their comfort is to trying working from their stations for some hours. If you cannot work from their space effectively, you need to change the setup or the furniture to improve their comfort and productivity.