Reasons Why a Good Website Structure is Essential to Boost SEO


It often happens that website owners and webmasters in their urge to focus on SEO lose sight of the site structure that is critical for successful SEO campaign. Everybody wants to create compelling websites that become drivers of SEO but to achieve it you can never afford to pay less attention to the site structure.  The structure of your sites determines its appeal to users as well as how well the spiders of search engines can crawl it for indexing that facilitates higher search rankings essential for gaining more visibility.   In this article, we will explore the reasons why the website structure is important for search engine optimization.

Site structure leads to better user experience

Good website design is as much about visual aesthetics as it is about the site structure – this is the view of the experts at any SEO agency. How much appealing the fonts, the graphics, the colors, the images and other visual elements would be, is primarily based on the website structure. Sites must meet the cognitive needs and expectations of human minds, which is possible to achieve only through a logical structure that provides cognitive equilibrium that the human mind craves for. A website that has a robust and logical structure is more satisfying to viewers, and automatically it becomes attractive to search engines too because information of searchers is a major consideration for Google’s search algorithm. Good site structure reduces bounce rates and creates longer engagement that pushes up rankings.

Facilitates crawling by search engines

Proper indexing by search engines holds the key to better rankings, and for indexing web pages in the right way, it is essential that the website structure facilitate smooth crawling by the search bots.  Better crawling means better access to all content on the site, and this influences search rankings.  The search bots or crawlers do not discover everything on its own when crawling sites. There can be many things left undiscovered unless there is proper guidance available from the website structure. How well the crawlers can identify and access content on the website would depend on the structure of the site that provides logical direction to the crawlers.

Sitelinks that your website receives depends on the site structure

To provide complete and comprehensive information about sites that appear in search results, Google shows the internal links besides the main page URL in its listing. From the SEO perspective, site links enhance the navigability of your website, increases your brand reputation and help you to dominate search rankings by guiding users to the most relevant piece of information without wasting time. Sitelinks are just awesome because it increases click through rate and contributes in shortening the funnel of conversion. There is no way that you can influence search engines to show site links, which is only possible when you have a great site structure so that the search engines can do it automatically for you.

For increased traffic, more CTR and higher conversion you need a solid website structure that can give wings to your SEO.