A new year doesn’t necessarily bring a new perspective on our businesses. At least not after the first week or two. If you’re like most of the world, you’ve already shifted back into those patterns of thinking and doing that represent the way you’ve always done it.

Unfortunately, in today’s world that means we carry forward all of the negative and contracting assumptions that have been our guidance system for the past few years. We can thank the positive power of our uplifting media and more for those perspectives.

But what if the economy is improving?

What if one or more of our emerging target markets is already shifting into growth mode?

What if our customers are already looking at new approaches for their business?

Carrying forward yesterday’s beliefs and approaches will not create success in 2013.  It will simply keep us stuck in yesterday’s news.

We have the opportunity to create a fresh perspective. How? By focusing forward to identify and capture the opportunities created by change and uncertainty.

How can we clear our status quo and see those new options? Here are three simple shifts. Try them, you just might like them!

  • Chat with fresh Keepers of the Truth. Who are the Keepers of the Truth? Your market! But stop asking all the same best customers the same questions. They already drank your Koolaid and vice versa. If you want a fresh perspective, why not chat with new people about your business and ask them what they think? How about getting out and talking to prospects in potential markets? Then there are your new customers that are using your stuff in a very different way. What about chatting with successful business owners in different industries? You’d be amazed what you can learn from these expanded and diverse sources of information. You also have the opportunity to seek out businesses that have made themselves successful to add to your understanding of how they shifted from their old economy ways to the innovation in the new economy for successful growth.
  • Shuffle the Deck.  We all get used to seeing information in the same formats and patterns, from our reports to our forecasts to our market profiles. Our minds grow accustomed to those patterns and literally stop seeing the information, instead seeing only what we expect to see. To trigger your mind to reactivate and actually see all that data, try turning everything upside down. If you're used to presenting left to right, then present the information right to left. If customers and prospects are always listed by revenue, list them by new economy potential instead. Change the way you look at your information and you will change what you see it. You just might be amazed at the new trends and opportunities you identify when you shuffle your decks of data.
  • Stop saying no one succeeds in this new economy. That’s probably the biggest and most limiting status quo (aka Gravity) thinking around. It's also not true. Zero Gravity businesses are succeeding all around us. It's just that the news doesn't cover them because in our new economy of survival and fear because success doesn't sell. Every time you tell yourself that no one is succeeding, you create a stronger Gravity belief that you can’t succeed either. If you take a moment when you catch yourself repeating that belief to replace it with something along the lines of, "In every economy I know there are opportunities for me to thrive and grow my business," you’ll begin to see those opportunities.  It’s part of our mind wiring and it simply works. When you consciously shift into Zero Gravity statements, you'll subconsciously shift into Zero Gravity thinking. Next stop – opportunity!

The Bottom Line

History proves that huge opportunities for success come on the heels of an economic dip. With change comes opportunity – when we allow ourselves to see it.

We can shift our thinking and actions to find those opportunities for our business.  By shifting these three simple patterns to explore beyond our knowns and limitations, we can and will create growth in 2013 and beyond.