ImageWhat if you could tackle your day with your best performance possible? Knowing that you could plan your day so that the most appropriate brain (left or right) is applied to your brainstorming, reporting, writing, organization and more.

Thanks to neural science - you can. Here's how.

We all do have a dominant brain. But that dominance doesn't guide our lives. In fact, both of our brains are active and in the lead at different times during the day. Every 90-120 minutes we shift back and forth, left-to-right-to-left. It's part of our ultradian rhythms, which also control our heart rate, eye blinks, blood circulation, and more.

By understanding which side of your mind is in the lead at a point in time, you can dramatically impact your productivity, performance and your attitude, too! 

Here are two simple examples of left or right mindedness.  

1. You sit down to write an article and the words simply won't come to you.

Instead, you end up organizing your desk or perhaps on social media posting or researching great info to share. Or maybe you struggle to make a list of the things you want to write about, but they come out as factual and dry bullets.

You're really not procrastinating (well, probably not). You're in your left mind cycle and you're asking the wrong side of your mind to be creative! 

2. Instead of whipping out that excel spreadsheet you catch yourself daydreaming.

No matter how much you try - you can't face that spreadsheet, report, checkbook balancing or any other logical, detailed work effort. A new idea for a graphic treatment, a photo or perhaps that bright red car you saw earlier today keep popping into your mind's eye.

You're not avoiding those numbers, your brain is simply going where it is most comfortable - which is in a more creative and visual kinda place. You're in your right mind cycle so you naturally drift to a more creative space.

These are two examples of what happens when we try to force ourselves to do a specific type of task that doesn't map to our current mind cycle. Now, let's look at what happens when you map your actions to your brain. 

Mapping That Brain

Thanks to some very simple techniques, we can determine where we are in our mind cycles at any point in time throughout our day. We can then map our schedule to optimize our work to match the brain that's in the lead.

When you're in your right brain cycle, plan to focus on the creative portions of your daily activities. Write articles, read inspiring or innovative materials, create powerful presentations, brainstorm that new product or market approach. 

When you're in your left brain cycle, tackle those numbers, spreadsheets, reports and any other logical task on your agenda. That includes organizing everything from your desk to your laptop to your photos. 

It really is that simple. I've been practicing this for a few months now. When I'm in right brain, I write or create. When I'm in left brain I do logical tasks, numbers or organize my life (or my desk). The results are truly unstoppable!

How do you know which cycle is current at any point in time?  It's easy! 

My following video shares a simple technique to discover which brain is leading at any point in time. Try the simple practice a few times throughout your day. You'll discover your own patterns. Then map those patterns to your daily work schedule.

You're on your way to unstoppable performance!  Now that's using your head!