Did you know that you're not really a lefty or a righty when it comes to your "dominant" brain?  Our traditional ideas about that whole brain dominance thing are rapidly changing thanks to new discoveries.

For example, neural science has now learned that we're all some blend of logical or creative, McGeeky or McDreamy.

Using some simple practices, we can learn to optimize our own personal balance of left and right brain to power performance. I've been using the practices we'll talk about today and tomorrow for a month now and the results are, well, find out for yourself:)

Your Dominant Side

It's true that we do have a more dominant mind. But it's not dominant in the way we've all been taught. Our dominant mind is where we feel most safe. That's usually based on where we have the deepest experiences. That safety means we naturally go there to process most of our information.

Our dominant mind can and will change over time in our lives. Since it's learned based on where we have the most experience, if we switch our focus to different types of tasks or behaviors, we change our experience, and our dominant mind shifts too.

For example, if I'm an accountant for ten years my left brain will most likely be dominant. But if I then become a pianist, over some period of time my right brain will become dominant. As the focus of my experience, and my resulting comfort with that processing approach, evolves, so will my mind. 

My video below shares a quick and simple way to tell which side of your mind is dominant when it comes to processing information in your life today. 

It's Not About Dominance

Now here's a little wrench in the works. Our dominant brain doesn't lead all the time. It really doesn't lead our lives at all. It only determines where we are most comfortable processing information - which means through the filter of logic (think Spock) or creativity (think Monet) at the extremes.

We actually switch leadership between our left and right brains, every 90-120 minutes, throughout our day, as part of our ultradian rhythms. It's instinctual to balance our lives using both.

When we learn how to manage our actions and projects, based on which brain is in the lead at any point in time, we can dramatically impact our performance.