Search rankings not only depend on SEO skills but also on the graphic and web design


Either some online marketers do not at all factor web design and graphic design as part of the digital marketing strategies, or even if they do, they often treat web design and graphic design as separate entities. In fact, web design and graphic design are like two sides of the same coin when it comes to digital marketing.  Not viewing it in the proper perspective could have a negative effect on your online marketing campaign, SEO and brand building.

SEO is not just about link building and keywords but also includes several other aspects of content, structure, graphics and page components.  Web design and graphic design can play a crucial role in enhancing your SEO efforts and could drive more traffic and facilitate better conversion.  How well you can use the technical and visual assets determines the SEO gains you can make from web and graphic design

The link between web design and SEO

It is not just enough to know that graphic and web design is essential for creating websites because it is much more than just stylized artistry and colors. Therefore, it is critical to realize how vital graphic and web design is for online marketing so that you can utilize its powers for better search results. The way viewers look at your website and the way they perceive the brand identity depends on the web design. Poor SEO performance can sometimes have links to web design because it might limit the optimization choices and in some other cases even if the optimization is up to the mark the design affects user experience.  On-page optimization has to work in tandem with good web design to improve your web presence.

Creating a synergy between SEO and design

You have to marry web design with SEO, and this is a daunting task no doubt. You have to know which solutions give the right results and at the same time be aware of things that you should avoid.  Seeking professional guidance from SEO companies in Houston can give good results because the experts know the right ways of doing it.

As far as design is concerned, positioning the information correctly on the page is essential.  You should know where to place the call to action button and how to generate trust signals. Since web design is responsible for creating the highest impacting first impression, it can make or break marketing campaigns depending on whether it attracts or repels viewers. Whether the website is trustworthy depends on its design because slow load times, poor choice of colors or lack of it, aggressive ads that pop up and complex layouts are reasons why viewers look at websites with suspicion.

Capturethe bigger picture

Once you know the harmful design elements that can have a negative effect on viewers that impact the SEO campaign, you could keep away from it. Doing away with the disturbing elements can work wonders as you experience reduced bounce rates and improved SEO performance. However, you cannot ignore the role of content in enhancing your SEO efforts because unless all the other aspects of SEO work together with web design, you will never be able to achieve the emphatic web presence that you are looking for.

Maintain consistency in realizing the full powers of graphics solutions. The graphical elements must seamlessly fall into place and create a cohesive visual experience that tells an engaging story. It would generate the curiosity of viewers, as they would like to discover more about the website that they have started liking from the first time they viewed it.

Make SEO and Design work hand in hand

SEO and designers must realize that they not only belong to the same team, but they are working on meeting their mutual interests. It should never happen that the thoughts of the designer create bottlenecks for the marketer or vice versa.  Each one should complement the other to ensure that both achieve the highest level of performance that ultimately brings in revenue. The target should be to make the website a visual treat while ensuring that it ranks well in search results. Rely on long-term view to create the synergy between design and SEO so that the partnership stands the test of time and gives the best return.

Keep an eye on mobile first trend

With Google announcing its mobile-first policy, responsive web design is the order of the day. However, this should not demean the needs of SEO but point towards blending aesthetics with performance and functionality in a much better way. As mobile friendliness is a ranking factor and its importance is growing, you have to make a speedy website that gives complete viewing pleasure on the small screen.

A holistic approach to web design could help to win over users and improve ranking which is the goal of every marketer.