Selecting the Best Internet Service Provider

The global system of computer networks that are interconnected together, and widely accessed by billions of users in the globe is known as the internet. This connection of many networks is connected by diverse of electronics, visual networking and majorly wireless technologies.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are the organizations or companies that make the access to the internet possible either wired or wireless. Nobody can connect to the internet without passing through an Internet Service Provider, they act as an intermediary between their clients’ system and the internet, they are the gateway to the internet else, you are absolutely offline, therefore, they offer a specific bandwidth for a specific price at a particular time.

When you feel you are conveniently accessing Facebook server directly from your device, without any Internet Service Provider’s permission that would be impossible because anytime you request for anything over the net, your request goes straight to your Internet Service Provider through their Point of Presence (PoP) on the internet, then to the internet where your request is being granted – all that happens electronically within seconds.

The Internet Service Providers offer different kinds of web related services and ways of accessing the internet. The services below are not limited to what the Internet Service Providers offer:

  1. Web Hosting and Mailing: Basically, almost all Internet Service Providers now provide Web Hosting and Mailing service. The service that permits their subscribers to be able to create and manage their own website and mail service. They keep every data and/or file uploaded by their subscribers and the sub-subscribers as well.
  2. Domain Name Provision: Many Internet Service Providers as well offer their subscribers that unique name that covers up the Internet Protocol (IP) which proves their administration authority as a website on the internet. Nobody has time to be cramming Internet Protocols, the more reason a Domain Name is important and required. Domain names are names can be easily understood and remembered by humans, they are therefore being translated to Internet Protocol Addresses for routers to work over them as that is what it prefers.
  3. Dial-up Internet Access: This is another but outdated path to the internet which establishes its connection to the node of the Internet Service Provider through Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) by dialing a phone number on a stereotypical telephone line. The subscriber’s device uses a modem or SIM card to encode and decode the signals of the audio frequency into meaningful information. It is considered as the least expensive means of accessing the internet.
  4. Digital Subscriber Loop/Line (DSL): This is an advanced Dial-up service provided by the Internet Service Providers, it makes use of high frequency to run a connection on the local telephone network. The Digital Subscriber Loop/Line permits an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) by which the speed required to upload data is lower than the speed to download, and at the same time, a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), whereby the uploading and downloading speeds are equal. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is more common now and is being referred to as ordinary Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).
  5. Leased line Internet Access: Internet Service Providers as well issue a symmetry telecommunications which is mostly private or limited to a specific organization. Many business organizations subscribe to create a faster connecting between their headquarter and other branches. There is always a permanent connection between each side of the lines, they are dedicated to one another.
  6. Wireless Fidelity Internet (Wi-Fi Internet): This is one of the widely offered services by the Internet Service Providers considering how faster the usage of Smartphones and portable computers and game consoles is growing. It can be access anywhere once you are situated within the range of coverage of the internet connected wireless network. Many organizations like Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, etc subscribe to Wi-Fi in order to provide internet access to their customers.

The services analyzed above are some of the well known services provided by the Internet Services Providers to their immediate and as well sub-subscribers (the subscribers to their subscribers). There are other expected services from them such as the provision of detailed information about any internet fraudulent transaction which will reduce the number of online criminals and make internet a safer place for business transactions.